Financial aid for innovation clusters

This page was last modified on 22-02-2018

Knowledge dissemination and research companies and organisations may be eligible for financial aid to invest in and manage innovation clusters.

Applications for financial aid are to be submitted to the Research and Innovation Directorate at the Ministry of the Economy. Luxinnovation can provide help with setting up your projects.

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Who is concerned

The aid is intended to enable legal entities to construct, modernise or manage an innovation cluster, i.e. a structure or a group composed of independent parties (innovative start-ups, large enterprises, SMEs, research institutes, knowledge dissemination organisations, non-profit associations, etc.) established in Luxembourg.  Their purpose is to stimulate innovation through:

  • promotional activities;
  • equipment sharing;
  • exchange of knowledge and expertise;
  • contributions to knowledge transfer, networking, the dissemination of information and collaboration between the companies and entities that comprise the cluster.


Terms and conditions

Companies and private research organisations must satisfy the terms and conditions that apply to all types of aid for research, development and innovation.

Eligible costs

The costs of investing in tangible and intangible assets are eligible for investment aid.

The eligible costs for the financial aid associated with the management of the cluster are payroll expenses and administrative costs related to the following activities:

  • promotional operations to attract new members to the innovation cluster and to increase the cluster's visibility;
  • management of facilities at the innovation cluster;
  • organisation of training programmes, workshops and conferences to facilitate knowledge transfer and networking between members of the innovation cluster as well as cross-border collaboration;
  • management of the cluster in order to foster collaboration, information sharing and the provision of support services to specialist companies tailored to their needs.

How to proceed

Submitting the application

the Ministry of the Economy provides a standard application file for financial aid for investment aid for innovation clusters as well as for aid for the management of innovation clusters.

The completed application and accompanying documents must be dated, signed and submitted before work starts on the project:

Applications for aid must include the following information and documents:

  • the name and size of the company;
  • a description of the project or programme, of the activity or investment, and of the related works and its innovative nature, including its start and end dates;
  • a description of the economic valuation methods for the results of the project or programme, for the activity or the investment and the related operations, and its economic potential;
  • the location of the project or programme, activity or investment and related operations;
  • a list with the costs for the project or programme, activity or investment and related operations;
  • the type of aid and the amount of aid necessary for the project or programme, activity or investment and related operations;
  • each relevant element that will allow the competent ministers to evaluate the quality or specificity of the project or programme, activity or investment and related operations plus its incentive effect.
 All companies established less than three years ago are required to provide a business plan.

Maximum amounts of financial aid available

The amount of aid will be calculated on the basis of the eligible costs of the project and may not exceed the following cap:


Company or private research institute

Investment aid


Aid associated with management


The financial aid associated with management is limited to a maximum duration of 10 years.

The investment aid may be increased by 5% for innovation clusters located in assisted areas (currently Differdange and Dudelange).

Payment of financial aid

Investment aid for innovation clusters made be granted in the form of capital subsidies, repayable advances, interest relief, guarantees or loans.

Financial aid for the management of innovation clusters may take the form of capital subsidies or repayable advances.

Who to contact

Ministry of the Economy
19-21, boulevard Royal
L-2449 - Luxembourg
Phone: (+352) 247-84162

5, avenue des Hauts-Fourneaux
L-4362 - Esch-sur-Alzette
Phone: (+352) 43 62 63-1
Fax: (+352) 43 81 20