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The quality label "Wëllkomm" is an initiative by the Ministry of the Economy in collaboration with Horesca. It is aimed at all drinking establishments (cafés, bars, pubs, etc.) whether they serve alcohol or not.

The label's objective is to improve the image of said sector of activity by promoting the quality of local establishments as well as their services in order to create a selection criterion for persons who intend to visit a drinking establishment.

Holders of the label commit to respect the quality conditions established by the label's charter in the following areas:

  • quality of the service and reception;
  • hygiene and food safety;
  • sustainable development.

Who is concerned?

The label is addressed at business operators of:

  • licensed drinking establishments (bars, cafés, etc.);
  • unlicensed drinking establishments (non-alcoholic, e.g. tearooms, milk-bars, snack bars, etc.);
  • restaurants or accommodation establishments which also operate a drinking establishment.

When they become a member of the quality label "Wëllkomm", operators of drinking establishments can:

  • give a quality image of their establishment;
  • benefit from advertising through an easily identifiable network and thus increase the frequenting of their establishment;
  • collect essential information in terms of hygiene and food safety;
  • benefit from government subsidies in the case of investments.


Service and reception 

With regard to service and reception, operators of drinking establishments have to:

  • guarantee a quality welcome of every client.

Any discrimination based on race, religion, gender or any other form of discrimination is not tolerated;

  • offer small snacks at any time (sandwich, chips, etc.)
  • provide local/regional information, both to regular clients as well as to tourists;
  • make their establishments a friendly place, where people meet and talk, and where at least 2 events will take place every year. 

Hygiene and food safety

In order to obtain the label, operators of drinking establishments have to:

Sustainable development

In order to support sustainable development, drinking establishment must:

  • promote local products;
  • use natural resources in a responsible manner.


The "Wëllkomm" label is free of charge for Horesca members.

The fee for non-members is EUR 50 per year. The invoice will be sent as soon as the official charter has been signed. 

How to proceed

Application for membership to the charter

In order to obtain the "Wëllkomm" label, operators of drinking establishments have to complete, sign and return the membership form for the quality charter "Wëllkomm" to the secretariat at the Horesca.

Membership conditions

After having joined the charter, operators of drinking establishment are required to take a 3-hour training whose goal is to:

  • explain the content of the quality charter to new members;
  • raise their awareness in terms of good practices in terms of hygiene;
  • draw the list of commitments to meet.

The training is held at the Horesca premises. The training dates are indicated on the website of Horesca. Members are invited to select one of the dates.

After the training, a complete file with all the information provided is given to each member.

Investment aid

Within the framework of the application for membership to the quality charter "Wëllkomm", operators of drinking establishments who intend to carry out investment projects for their establishment may benefit from investment aid.

They have to submit an application for investment aid and indicate the following (among other things):

  • the main information concerning their establishment (address, type of activity, business permit number, staff, etc.);
  • the description of the investment project requiring state aid;
  • the start and end dates of the investment project;
  • the global investment cost.

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