EcoLabel for tourist establishments

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The EcoLabel for tourist establishments in Luxembourg is a national eco-friendly certificate which aims to promote accommodation establishments which have put in place good practices with regard to the protection of the environment and the climate in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

In order to help the establishments prepare for the certification audit, the OekoZenter Lëtzebuerg offers to visit these establishments beforehand. This pre-audit inspection includes a detailed assessment in the areas of water, waste, environmental management and procurement and lists the achievements and areas for improvement, and also provides tips for improvement.

Applications for the EcoLabel must be submitted to the OekoZenter Lëtzebuerg.

The label is granted by the General Directorate for Tourism together with the Department of the Environment.

Who is concerned

Applications for the label are voluntary and may only be submitted by establishments offering overnight accommodation, such as:

  • hotels, hostels, B&B;
  • holiday accommodation and tourist establishments in the countryside (e.g. farm lodgings and rural guest houses);
  • campsites;
  • group accommodation establishments (e.g. youth hostels).
Establishments serving food only cannot apply.

The EcoLabel is intended primarily for establishments who want to:

  • combine economic development with environmental protection;
  • benefit from the advice and market knowledge of experienced OekoZenter advisers;
  • establish themselves in a tourism market which is giving more and more attention to environmental issues;
  • improve their environmental performance, in particular through energy and water savings, better waste management, cleaning methods and products;
  • stand out from other establishments by offering fresh, local and organic products as well as fair trade products.

How to proceed

Pre-audit interview

Applicants for the EcoLabel for tourist establishments can contact the OekoZenter for a pre-audit interview and inspection.

They can prepare for the interview by carrying out a self-assessment based on a catalog of specific criteria and start filling out the forms and tables provided by the OekoZenter.

During the pre-audit interview, an auditor will:

  • identify the strengths and weaknesses of the establishment;
  • provide assistance to help meet the certification criteria;
  • assesses whether the establishment can apply for the label.

Registering for the audit

Applicants must send the application form to the EcoLabel certification service at the OekoZenter.

It will set a firm date for the certification audit where an audit commission will verify if the establishment complies with all the criteria for receiving the label.

The label is awarded to establishments which:

  • meet all mandatory criteria;
  • meet at least 50% of the optional criteria in each category.

The label is subject to a single contribution fee of EUR 74 payable to the OekoZenter.

The General Directorate of Tourism awards the EcoLabel in the form of a diploma and a plaque to be affixed in a place visible for the establishment's clients. All ecolabelled establishments are listed on the website of EcoLabel.

Validity period and renewal of the label

The EcoLabel for tourist establishments is valid for 3 years. The ecolabelled establishment will be contacted by the OekoZenter before the end of the validity period and may renew the label or return it.

In the event of a complaint against the establishment, the OekoZenter may carry out extraordinary inspections. Where the establishment does no longer comply with the EcoLabel criteria, the label may be taken away from the establishment.

Whenever the ecolabelled establishment changes owner or operator, they must inform the General Directorate of Tourism thereof.

Who to contact

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