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You can register with ADEM as a jobseeker if you meet certain conditions.

Registering with the National Employment Agency (Agence pour le développement de l’emploi - ADEM) as a jobseeker gives you access to:

  • help and guidance in your search for a job;
  • a range of services geared specifically towards jobseekers.

Registration with ADEM is a precondition for obtaining a range of monetary benefits paid by ADEM or other organisations.

Who is concerned?

You can register as a jobseeker with ADEM if:

  • you are:
    • unemployed and looking for work;
    • already employed and looking for a new job;
    • unemployed and receiving unemployment benefits in your country of residence;
    • a self-employed worker;
    • a young person and have just completed your studies or training;
  • you meet the conditions for working in Luxembourg; and
  • you are available for employment.

Please note: if you register at ADEM to claim the Social Inclusion Income (revenu d’inclusion sociale - REVIS), you should not use the online procedure but go to the appointment to which you are invited by the National Solidarity Fund (Fonds national de solidarité - FNS).


Circumstances prompting a person to search for a job

You can register as a jobseeker following:

  • dismissal;
  • termination of a working relationship for various reasons (end of a fixed-term employment contract, resignation, termination of an employment contract, etc.);
  • cessation of business or bankruptcy, in the case of a self-employed worker;
  • completion of studies, in the case of young people.

Third-country nationals

As a third-country national, you can register with ADEM if:

  • you are legally resident in Luxembourg (except for temporary stays); and
  • you have free access to the Luxembourg labour market or are entitled to access to the Luxembourg labour market on the basis of a work permit (this includes: beneficiaries of international protection, beneficiaries of temporary protection, family members and students, researchers who have successfully completed their research activities or the final year of their higher education studies and are in possession of a residence permit to seek employment / create a business).

How to proceed

Registering as a jobseeker

To register as a jobseeker, you do not need to go in person to any of ADEM's regional offices.

You have 2 possibilities.

Online registration via

By using the procedure (see 'Online services and forms'), you benefit from step-by-step support in the registration process, with the possibility to:

  • provide information on your profile;
  • indicate the criteria of your job search;
  • directly upload the documents needed for the registration.

By registering online, you can also:

  • benefit from the pre-filling of the procedure, if you already have a private eSpace on;
  • interrupt and resume the procedure at any time.

You must have a LuxTrust certificate or an electronic identity card (eID) in order to complete the procedure online via

How to create a private eSpace on

A tutorial is available to help you set up a private eSpace on if you do not already have one.

In the event of a technical problem, you can contact:

  • the Helpdesk for assistance on how to use;
  • LuxTrust for all questions regarding LuxTrust certificates.

Once your registration has been accepted, you will receive a separate invitation to an initial meeting with an ADEM counsellor, who will guide you in your job search.

The invitation sent will also contain:

  • the 'jobseeker's guide' which contains all useful and necessary information; and
  • various documents to be completed, to ensure optimum support from ADEM.

Registration by telephone

First of all, you must:

  • call ADEM's Contact Centre at (+ 352) 247-88 888); or
  • complete the contact form on the ADEM website.

A telephone appointment will be proposed to finalise your registration. You must send the documents required for registration by email.

As soon as your registration is finalised, you will receive an invitation to a first meeting with your future guidance counsellor, who will be your contact person for your job search.

You will also receive several other documents by post:

  • the 'jobseeker's guide' which contains all useful and necessary information; and
  • various documents to be completed, to ensure optimum support from ADEM.

Unavailability for an appointment with ADEM

In the event that you have to cancel your appointment at the last minute, for a valid reason, you must inform ADEM's Contact Centre immediately on (+ 352) 247 88 888,

Jobseekers’ rights and responsibilities

You sign a collaboration agreement with ADEM. This agreement sets out your commitments as a jobseeker, as well as those of ADEM.

Based on your profile, ADEM may also propose a complementary action plan.

ADEM undertakes to:

  • support you in your job search;
  • advise you on developing a viable career plan;
  • provide information about:
    • measures to promote employment; and
    • training measures tailored to your profile and organised to facilitate your integration or reintegration into the job market.

Registering as a jobseeker gives you access to all the services offered by ADEM, namely:

  • personal supervision and guidance from a counsellor, to assist in the search for a job;
  • exclusive access to JobBoard offers during the first 7 days of their publication and the possibility to submit applications with a candidate profile that can be consulted by employers;
  • participation in job integration and training programmes (depending on your profile);
  • access to computers and assistance with producing a Curriculum Vitae (CV), through Club Emploi;
  • access to financial aid and unemployment benefit (depending on your profile).

In return, as a jobseeker, you undertake to:

  • actively look for a job on your own initiative and on an ongoing basis (respond to job advertisements, send unsolicited applications, look for jobs on JobBoard, upload your CV to JobBoard, etc.);
  • provide your guidance counsellor with an up-to-date Curriculum Vitae (CV);
  • take the steps recommended by your guidance counsellor and, where applicable, comply with the action plan they have put in place;
  • respond quickly and conscientiously to instructions from ADEM;
  • attend sessions with your guidance counsellor, in person, at regular intervals set by ADEM, as well as any other appointments arranged by ADEM, at the arranged date, time and place;
  • report any change relating to your personal or professional situation (e.g. return to full-time, part-time or temporary work; change of address or marital status, etc.);
  • be available for work in a general sense.

Failure to comply with these commitments may lead to legal sanctions, including loss of benefits paid by ADEM or by other organisations.

Good to know

To be able to communicate with ADEM, it is essential to speak at least one of the three administrative languages of Luxembourg (Luxembourgish, French or German) or English. If this is not the case, you will need to be accompanied by a person of your choice who speaks one of these languages to help you with your procedures.

Online services and forms

Who to contact

National Employment Agency

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National Employment Agency

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