Mandatory reporting of infectious diseases

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In order to ensure a better surveillance of infectious diseases in Luxembourg, doctors, dentists and medical test laboratory managers have the obligation to report certain diseases such as tuberculosis, Lyme disease, mumps, measles or certain sexually transmitted diseases (e. g. AIDS, syphilis, hepatitis).

Who is concerned?

The obligation to report infectious diseases concerns all doctors, dentists, and medical test laboratory managers who, in the course of their activities, diagnose one of the diseases listed below.

The diseases which have to be reported are those:

  • that require urgent intervention on a local, national or international level;
  • whose surveillance is necessary for the conduct and evaluation of public health policies.


A maximum mandatory reporting deadline has been set for each infectious or transmissible disease. Depending on the severity of the threat to public health, there are 3 levels of deadline:

  • without delay by telephone, i.e. within 2 hours of the suspected diagnosis;
  • no later than 24 hours after the diagnosis;
  • no later than 1 week after the diagnosis.

How to proceed

Introducing the mandatory reporting

The general practitioner or dentist who establishes the diagnosis of one of the listed diseases within the framework of their activity is under the obligation to inform the health authority within the set deadline.

To do so, they have to transmit a dated and signed document which must contain all relevant information they hold, for the purpose of epidemiological surveillance.

Diseases which pose a serious threat to public health have to be reported within 2 hours, even in the event of a suspected diagnosis, to the Health Inspection by phone on (+352) 247-85 650 or, outside office hours, by calling the emergency services on 112.

For all other listed infectious diseases, the report can be submitted:

  • electronically via the secure transmission system of;
  • by fax;
  • by post.


The doctor, dentist or lab manager can be sanctioned with a fine between EUR 50 and EUR 100 for failing to comply with the mandatory reporting obligation for certain diseases within the set deadlines.

In case of a repeat offence within 2 years of a final conviction, the fine can be doubled.

Taxed warnings (fines) can be issued by:

  • sanitary authorities ; or
  • the doctors of the National Health Directorate.

The offender must pay the taxed warning within 45 days to the Registration Duties, Estates and VAT Authority (the receipt or copy of the transfer serves as a receipt).

The taxed warning is replaced by a penalty notice if the professional:

  • does not pay;
  • refuses to ; or
  • is unable to pay the fine. 

In addition, professionals who do not comply with their reporting obligations may be subject to criminal prosecution.

Online services and forms

Online services

Downloadable forms

Who to contact

Health Inspection Department

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