Declaration of agricultural land and vineyard census

The declaration of agricultural land and the vineyard census serve as a basis for farmers and winegrowers to:

  • obtain certain aids; and
  • provide data for the calculation of their social security contributions.

Both requests are made through the same administrative procedure. This online assistant is common to both agriculture and viticulture and concerns a process in which both alphanumeric and geographical data are recorded. The data collected concerns in particular:

  • agricultural and vineyard parcels;
  • ecological focus areas in the framework of Greening and the Landscape management program (prime à l’entretien du paysage et de l’espace naturel);
  • animal livestock;
  • list of claimed aids.

Who is concerned

This concerns Farmers and winegrowers who:

  • wish to receive one or more aids in relation to these declarations;
  • must provide detailed data on their means of production used to calculate the economic size of their farm for the purpose of calculating their social security contribution;
  • produce grapes for the production of wine and crémant in the framework of the protected designation of origin “AOP – Moselle luxembourgeoise.


The producer must be registered as a potential claimant in the database of the paying agency at the Ministry of Agriculture, Viticulture and Rural Development.

To do so, applicants must:

Farmers and winegrowers who have not received the communication about the use of the form (including activation codes) must contact the Rural Economy Department (SER) - Direct Payments Division.

The Rural Economy Department will then decide how to process their request.

In addition to these basic conditions, the claimant must fulfil certain specific requirements in order to benefit from a given aid.

These requirements are specified in the ministerial directives. This information is available as downloadable documents on the Agriculture Portal.


In order to benefit from the full rate of aid, claimants must submit their declaration by 17 May 2021 at the latest.

Beyond this date, the amounts of the aid paid in connection with the declaration of agricultural land and the vineyard census are reduced in proportion to the delay.

Declarations submitted after 11 June 2021 are not accepted.

The submission date taken into account is the date of transmission of the procedure in (status “sent”), and not the date of finalisation of the procedure (status “ready”).

How to proceed

Components of the declaration

The online assistant includes all sections concerning the declaration of agricultural land and the vineyard census. These parts are activated by a corresponding selection made by the claimant in the task menu.

Carrying out the procedure online

As the procedure includes initialised personal data, it is only possible to access it via a certified business eSpace.

Certification requires the entry of an activation code. This code links the initialised data of the declaration with the LuxTrust certificate used to connect.

Each claimant initially receives 2 codes (personal code + proxy code) by post. Once entered, the code is valid for 6 years.

The finalisation, signing and transmission of the procedure are done according to the general terms and conditions of use of (see the help pages).

Some declarations require the simultaneous transmission of supporting documents. They can be attached to the procedure as PDF files.

Additional notifications obligation

Some notifications must be transmitted in a separate procedure. This concerns:

  • notification of changes of personal or farm data managed in the farm register (“Fichier clients”). To this end, the claimant uses the procedure “Farm register Agriculture and Viticulture” in (Claim for updating personal and farm data or for inactivation of an agricultural or wine growing business);
  • notification of exploitation right FLIK parcels to be activated. These documents shall be added as scanned attachments (PDF file) to the present procedure.

Paperless procedure from 2021

From 2021, farmers and winegrowers no longer receive paper forms. The preparation and submission of claims will take place exclusively online via

However, producers who do not claim for aids but wish to provide data e.g. for the purpose of calculation of the economic size of their holding (amongst others for the fixing of their social security contribution) or regarding their wine quotas may request a simplified paper form at:

Further information on contact persons for the declaration of agricultural land and the vineyard census is also available on the Portal of Agriculture (only available in German).
  • the Viticulture Department of the Wine Institute, regarding vineyards (phone: 23 612-1 / email:

Good to know

Help with the online assistant

The agricultural portal contains a specific page to help with the online assistant for the declaration of agricultural land and vineyard census.

It contains a wealth of information on how to use the assistant, including tutorials that show in detail the different features of the assistant and the actions to be taken to complete the procedure.

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