Application for a change of the contact details or for the inactivation of an agricultural or wine-growing holding

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This procedure covers the requests for changes to data managed centrally in the register of agricultural holdings of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Viticulture.

The changes concern contact data, affiliated members, foreign identifiers, herd number and bank accounts. The procedure also offers the possibility to request the inactivation of a holding in the event that the holding operator no longer intends to submit an annual declaration of land.

Who is concerned?

The application can be submitted by all natural and legal persons, in the broadest sense of the term, who interact with administrations or departments of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Viticulture.

In particular, this includes producers of agricultural products (farmers, winegrowers, horticulturists, market gardeners, nursery gardeners).


The persons concerned must be affiliated with the Joint Social Security Centre (CCSS) as farmers or winegrowers. However, certain exceptions are possible.

The persons will be identified at the level of the register of agricultural holdings by a registration number called the holding number.

Additional information on setting up an agricultural holding is available on the Agriculture Portal.


It is possible to change the contact details of the holding or to report the inactivation of an agricultural or wine-growing holding throughout the year.

The applicant can file several applications per year.

How to proceed

Components of the declaration

The online assistant covers all the sections of the procedure.

The different sections can be accessed in the menu by the declarant.

Each section of the procedure contains the necessary help and explanations to complete the procedure.

Carrying out the procedure online

As the procedure includes initialised personal data, it is only possible to access the procedure using a certified business eSpace. The certification requires the use of an activation code.

This code connects the initialised data of the declaration with the LuxTrust certificate used. Each declarant initially receives 2 codes (personal code + proxy code). Once entered, the code is valid for 6 years.

The finalisation, signature and transmission of the procedure are carried out according to the general terms and conditions of use of (see the help pages).

Supporting documents to be submitted

Some changes require the simultaneous transmission of supporting documents (e.g. bank identity statement - RIB, in the case of a new bank account).

These must be attached to the application as PDF files.

Online services and forms

Who to contact

Rural Economy Department - Direct Payments Division - Application for a change of the contact details or for the inactivation of an agricultural or wine-growing holding

Related procedures and links


Further information

Betriebsgründung / -übergabe

auf dem Landwirtschaftsportal

Legal references

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