Re-registering a vehicle

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A vehicle needs to be re-registered when the registration certificate (carte grise) has expired automatically for one of the following reasons:

  • the vehicle's last roadworthiness inspection certificate has been expired for over 2 years (4 years in the case of vintage vehicles);
  • its road tax has been overdue for more than 2 years (4 years in the case of vintage vehicles);
  • its conformity sticker has been expired for over 2 years (4 years in the case of vintage vehicles);
  • the vehicle has been taken off the road and deregistered with the National Road Traffic Authority (Société nationale de circulation automobile - SNCA) (except in the case of temporary de-registrations filed before the expiry of the roadworthiness inspection certificate or tax disc).

Who is concerned?

This applies to the following:

  • the owner of any vehicle whose registration certificate has automatically expired;
  • the registered keeper (as shown on the registration certificate) of a vehicle whose registration certificate has automatically expired. An authorisation to carry out these formalities, issued by the vehicle owner, will be required by the SNCA.


The vehicle can only be re-registered if the owner has not changed.

The vehicle's owner or registered keeper must be on the national register of natural persons, with an address in Luxembourg, and possess a valid identification document.

Preliminary steps

Luxembourg registration number and number-plates

Before a vehicle can be re-registered, the owner/registered keeper must apply for a new registration number if the current one comprises:

  • 2 letters and 3 digits; or
  • 1 letter and 4 digits

Technical inspection

The vehicle must be taken to a technical inspection body in Luxembourg if the vehicle is being re-registered as a result of failure to comply with the requirement for periodic technical inspections.

The vehicle must be covered by a valid technical inspection certificate. This document will be required for its re-registration.

Road tax

When the road tax has been due for over 2 years (4 years in the case of vintage vehicles), the owner or registered keeper must settle the debt with the Customs and Excise Agency (Administration des douanes et accises). A certificate attesting to the payment of that tax for the vehicle in question, must be issued (available from

The certificate from the Customs and Excise Agency or the valid tax sticker is required for the vehicle to be re-registered.

How to proceed

Moving the vehicle

The vehicle may only be driven for journeys in connection with the re-registration procedure.

It can only be driven normally once it has been properly re-registered.

Application for re-registration of a vehicle

The application for re-registration of a vehicle must be submitted to the registration department of the SNCA, either by post or in person by appointment, along with the following supporting documents:

  • the completed and signed registration certificate application form;
  • the tax stamp;
  • a new, valid insurance certificate;
  • the registration certificate, Part 1 (grey) and Part 2 (yellow);
  • the valid technical inspection certificate for vehicles subject to periodic technical inspections;
  • the valid tax sticker issued by the Customs and Excise Agency, or the certificate attesting that no tax is outstanding for the vehicle;
  • a copy of the applicant’s identification document.
  • for vehicles not subject to periodic technical inspections, a conformity sticker must be purchased when the old conformity sticker expires.

When the vehicle is re-registered by the registered keeper (as shown on the registration certificate), the owner's approval must also be attached to the application for the latter to be processed.

Original copies of all required documents must be produced.

When the formalities are carried out by a third party, a power of attorney (French, Pdf, 300 Kb) and a copy of the owner's ID must also be provided, in addition to the documents listed above. In this event, it is important to ensure that all the documents state the name of the owner and not that of the representative.

Road tax

Once the vehicle is re-registered, the SCNA will issue a temporary tax sticker - valid for 30 days - along with the new registration certificate.

The person in whose name the vehicle is registered is notified by post of the amount to be paid, by the Customs and Excise Agency, which collects that tax. Once payment has been made, the person will receive the permanent road tax disc by post.

If the road tax for the vehicle in question remains unpaid for more than 60 days, the Grand-Ducal Police and customs and excise officers may immobilise the vehicle on public roads.

The Customs and Excise Agency (ADA) now offers the activation of the eDelivery function for road tax invoices. All invoices relating to road tax (Autosteier) can now be issued in electronic format (PDF) in the private eSpace on

To benefit from this service, interested parties must subscribe to the eDelivery function. Users can subscribe in their private eSpace under "My data" in the "Transport" section, under "Road tax (Autosteier)". This step is necessary to receive the ADA invoice in the electronic mailbox of the private eSpace.

When you receive the new message and the tax disc in your private eSpace, you will be notified by email.

Online services and forms

Who to contact

National Society of Automotive Traffic

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