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Vehicles that are subject to registration must be fitted with number plates before they can be driven on the public highway.

Under the Luxembourg system, there are 2 types of registration number:

  • current series numbers, which remain assigned to you as the holder for a period of one year after the vehicle is withdrawn from circulation;
  • personalised numbers, which remain assigned to you as the holder for a period of one year after the vehicle is withdrawn from circulation;

It is prohibited to change the registration number of a vehicle already registered in a person's name.

An exception is made if the number plates were stolen.

Who is concerned?

Target audience

The information on this page concerns:

  • any person or business wishing to register a vehicle in their own name;
  • any business in the automotive sector.

The following are considered to be automotive sector professionals:

  • businesses trading in road vehicles;
  • car rental companies;
  • vehicle registration service providers; and
  • transport companies.

Vehicles concerned

You need to apply for a registration number when you register a vehicle belonging to one of the following categories:

  • cars;
  • vans;
  • tricycles and quadricycles;
  • trailers;
  • caravans;
  • mobile homes;
  • machinery;
  • buses and coaches;
  • lorries;
  • tractor units and articulated lorries;
  • motor-homes and camping-cars;
  • mopeds;
  • light quadricycles.


Required registration

In the following cases, you must first apply for a new registration number before putting the vehicle on the road:

  • registration of a new vehicle;
  • purchase/registration of a vehicle registered in a another country;
  • purchase of a vehicle already registered in Luxembourg under a personalised registration number belonging to the former owner;
  • purchase of a vehicle registered under a number with the old format (2 letters and 3 digits or 1 letter and 4 digits);
  • re-registration of a vehicle.


The registration of a vehicle is subject to the payment of a duty fee for a tax stamp of EUR 50.

The re-use of a personalised registration number by the same holder is subject to the payment of a EUR 24 tax stamp.

A registration number from the current series can be reserved free of charge.

The reservation of a personalised registration number is subject to the payment of a EUR 200 tax stamp.

For all reservations of a personalised number made before 1 November 2023, the payment of the EUR 200 tax stamp as a reservation fee is due at the time the vehicle is registered.

The reissue of a vehicle registration certificate due to a change of registration number is free of charge if the number plate was stolen. In this case a declaration of theft must be provided. However, the cost of the new number plate is borne by the applicant.

How to proceed

Application for a registration number by a professional in the automotive sector

The reservation of a registration number from the current series by an automotive professional must be made using the online assistant (see 'Online services and forms') or the mobile application.

To reserve a personalised registration number, use the online procedure without LuxTrust authentication (see 'Online services and forms').

The application must be completed with the details of the person in whose name the vehicle is registered.

Application for a registration number by any other person or business

Registration number from the current series

You can file your application for a registration number from the current series:

The registration number assigned to you is the first number available in the current series.

Numbers in the current series are composed as follows:

  • 2 letters and 2 digits for mopeds or light quadricycles;
  • 2 letters and 4 digits for all other vehicles.

Personalised registration number

There are 4 distinct series of personalised registration numbers:

  • for mopeds or light quadricycles: 2 letters and 2 digits;
  • for all other vehicles:
    • a 5-digit number; or
    • 2 letters and 4 digits; or
    • a 4-digit number.

You can reserve a personalised number using:

Re-using a personalised registration number on another vehicle

A personalised registration number that is currently being used for a vehicle registered in your name can automatically be kept and transferred to another vehicle, provided that the current vehicle is deregistered.

The number remains assigned to you for 12 months after the vehicle was deregistered and taken off the road. If no registration is made by the end of this period, the number will no longer be assigned to you and is made available for any other application for registration.

Number plates for vintage vehicles and other number plate formats

The appearance of number plates (French, Pdf, 153 Kb) may vary, depending on the date of initial entry into service of the vehicle.

If it is technically impossible to mount a European-format number plate on a vehicle, you may use a plate with a different format. In such cases, you are advised to file an online application with the SNCA, accompanied by a photograph, to find out what specific conditions apply.

Manufacturing of the number plate

Once a registration number has been reserved, the ministerial authorisation regarding the assignment of the number is sent to you by post.

Once the registration number has been assigned, you must contact an accredited number plate manufacturer in Luxembourg to have the plate made.

If a number plate is damaged or deteriorated, it is recommended that it be replaced.

Transferring a personalised registration number

Transferring a personalised registration number to another person is not permitted.

When the holder of a personalised registration number dies, their heir, parent or first-degree relative is entitled to keep the personalised registration number on the vehicle that they inherit if they register the vehicle in their name.

Theft of a number plate

As the registered holder, owner or keeper of a vehicle, you must report the theft of the number plate(s) to the police, who will draw up a declaration of theft or a complaint report.

You must then apply for a new registration number as soon as possible to replace the current one.

Using a vehicle without a number plate may lead to a fine.

To change the number on the certificate, you must send or bring the following documents to the National Society of Automotive Traffic (SNCA):

  • the completed and signed application for a registration certificate (see 'Online services and forms');
  • a valid insurance certificate, established by an insurance company accredited in Luxembourg and bearing the new registration number;
  • the declaration of theft established by the Police;
  • parts 1 and 2 (grey and yellow respectively) of the old registration certificate;
  • a valid roadworthiness inspection certificate, if the vehicle is covered by one;
  • a copy of the identity document of the holder, owner or keeper of the vehicle.

The person submitting the registration documents to the SNCA must bring their identity card. If the application is submitted by a third party, that person must present a power of attorney (mandate) (see 'Online services and forms'). In this case, it is important to ensure that the name of the vehicle's holder, owner or keeper appears on all the documents, and not that of their representative (mandate holder).

The old number will be considered unassigned for 10 years from the presumed date of the theft. Nevertheless, it will still be reserved for the owner or keeper of the vehicle in question.

Online services and forms

Who to contact

Vehicle Registration Number Service

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