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Like childcare in a daycare centre or care provided by a childminder, home childcare helps parents reconcile their professional and family life.

There are several types of home childcare that can help parents by providing adequate childcare.

Who is concerned?

Any parent can have their child cared for at home.


The parents' financial contribution depends on the type of childcare chosen.

How to proceed

The different types of home childcare


Parents can call upon a 'babysitter'.

If the babysitter is a minor, the parents must:

  • ensure that the babysitter's parents have been informed;
  • ensure that the 'babysitter' has third-party liability insurance.

Anyone over 15 years of age can work as a 'babysitter' in return for payment.

Parents looking for a 'babysitter' can:

  • contact:
  • visit the website 'babysitting.lu': a platform where parents and young approved babysitters can meet.

Hiring an employee for childcare

The child can be cared for by an employed domestic worker.

The terms of such an activity must be defined in an employment contract: working hours, nature of the work, type of remuneration, paid leave, etc.

The parents must declare the person employed to the Joint Social Security Centre (CCSS)

Under a simplified procedure, the employer:

  • submits an online 'Employee declaration form for a private household / host family' via MyGuichet.lu (available under 'Forms / Online services'). The authenticated procedure requires a LuxTrust product or an electronic identity card (eID); or
  • fills in a single form 'Employee declaration form for a private household / host family' (available under 'Forms / Online services') and sends it to the CCSS;

no later than 8 days after the hiring of the person.

The employer enters the net hourly salary, in the form of:

  • a monthly salary (if fixed);
  • an hourly wage (if the monthly salary is not fixed).

If the employee does not yet have a national identification number (13-digit social security number) at the time of the declaration, the employer must:

  • enter the employee's date of birth (format: year, month, day);
  • attach a copy of the employee's identity document (identity card or passport).

A confirmation is automatically sent to both the employee and the employer after registration.

The simplified procedure involves completing only a single declaration for the salary paid and sending it to the CCSS, which is in charge of registering the worker for social security and receiving social contributions and withholding tax. The registered employee:

  • is covered by social security insurances: the worker is protected in the event of illness, maternity, work accidents, etc.;
  • makes old-age pension contributions.

Hosting an au pair

The child may be taken care of by a young au-pair who:

  • is hosted and paid by the family during their temporary stay;
  • must, in return, perform minor routine family tasks such as childcare.

Childcare for sick children

Parents with a sick child can submit an application to the 'Krank Kanner Doheem' service. This organisation will send a member of staff to the home of the sick child. The child will be cared for during the parents' working hours.

The parents must first register with the organisation by completing the registration form (available under 'Forms / Online services').

The net household income serves as the basis for calculating the participation in the fees for childcare provided by the 'Krank Kanner Doheem' service.

Online services and forms

Who to contact

Joint Social Security Centre

Service Krank Kanner Doheem

Related procedures and links

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