Financial aid for in-company continuing vocational training

This page was last modified on 05-01-2018

The Luxembourg State supports businesses in their vocational training programmes by providing a financial contribution to their training plans.

Depending on the annual investment in continuing vocational training and the type of training, a company is entitled to various forms of aid from the National Institute for the Development of Continuing Vocational Training (Institut National pour le développement de la Formation Professionnelle Continue - INFPC):

  • public co-funding of their training programmes;
  • a subsidy for Luxembourg language classes for their employees.

Forms / Online services

Carry out your procedure:

  • By downloading a form

Who is concerned

Companies concerned

Any private sector business legally established in Luxembourg which carries out most of their activities in the country can benefit from financial aid from the State.

The training must be for the employees who:

The heads of craft, commercial, industrial, agricultural or forestry businesses legally established in Luxembourg can also take the training.

Eligible expenses

The eligible expenses may vary depending on the type of aid applied for:

  • for co-funding:
    • participants: participants' salaries, travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses;
    • external trainer: invoice/registration costs, travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses;
    • internal trainer: internal trainer's salary, teaching preparation expenses;
    • other expenses: premises and teaching material;
    • annual training expenses: subscriptions to training bodies, auditor/consultant fees, "training management" software;
  • for subsidies for Luxembourg language courses:
    • trainer's fees;
    • teaching material expenses.

How to proceed

Co-funding of training

Companies can receive 20 % of the annual amounts invested in training in the form of financial training support.

The State's financial contribution is increased to 35 % (taxable) concerning the expenses for the participants' salaries provided the following criteria are met on the date the training starts:

  • the participant has no recognised diploma and less than 10 years of service in the company;
  • the participant has a recognised diploma or more than 10 years of service in the company and is more than 45 years old.

To be granted the financial support, the company has to complete a co-funding application form which can vary depending on the amount invested in training.

Examples of eligible training:

  • language classes;
  • IT training;
  • management courses;
  • skills assessment;
  • adaptation to the workplace (new employees, job transfers).

Training courses and sector-specific training providers can be found on the website of Lifelong Learning.

Annual investment in training ≤ EUR 75,000

A business whose annual investment in training is less than or equal to EUR 75,000 has to submit an annual report with the detailed training plans carried out during the year no later than 5 months after the close of their financial year.

Annual investment in training > EUR 75,000

A business whose annual investment in training is higher than EUR 75,000 has to provide:

  • a training forecast by submitting an approval application no later than 3 months after the beginning of the financial year;
  • the list of training courses carried out during the year by submitting a final report no later than 5 months after the close of the financial year.

Starting from financial year 2018, the approval application is cancelled. The "Annual balance sheet" and the "Annual report" have been substituted by a "co-financing application", to be filed within 5 months following the closing of the financial year.

Subsidies for Luxembourgish language classes

A company can recoup part of the expenses for Luxembourgish language classes to further the integration of their foreign employees.

In order to benefit from the subsidy, the business has to submit an application for subsidies for Luxembourgish language classes and join the supporting documents (original paid invoices, certificate showing that the project does not already benefit from alternative public co-funding, attendance lists signed by the course participants and the training establishment).

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