Identifying recruitment needs

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A business depends largely on its personnel and the skills they possess. For this reason, it is essential that the employer identifies his recruitment needs in time.

He must subsequently choose the appropriate selection channels which will enable him to select the candidates corresponding to the identified needs.

Who is concerned

It is mainly the responsibility of the employer to identify recruitment needs.

Identification of recruitment needs may in particular be a result of:

  • operational requirements stated by department managers;
  • human resources management's forward planning in terms of jobs and skills;
  • internal or external audit recommendations.

How to proceed

Analysis of the environment

Internal and external factors affecting the business may have an impact in terms of recruitment needs.

For example, external factors are:

  • introduction of new legislation or regulations;
  • development of professions or technologies;
  • a change in the economic situation.

Internal factors may be:

  • acquisition of new markets;
  • restructuring.

Responding to a specific need for personnel

Certain personnel changes in the company justify recruitment needs.

In this context, the employer must decide whether or not to act upon the recruitment needs. This is particularly the case in the event of:

Defining the type of need

The employer's response to the recruitment need which he has identified depends on various factors, such as:

  • level of urgency;
  • the available budget;
  • the profile sought.

The employer will then decide whether to initiate an internal selection procedure or to recruit externally.

At the beginning of the recruitment process, the employer must take into account eventual former employees which may benefit from priority for re-employement.

If he opts for external recruitment, the employer must decide which type of contract he intends to use. The employer can conclude:

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