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Within the framework of the different laws on the protection of workers and the environment as well as security in the civil service, the performance of certain technical assessment and inspection tasks requires prior ministerial accreditation.

The authorities in charge may vary depending on the area in question and may be one of the following:

  • Administration de l’environnement - Service Agréments et Management Environnemental (Environment Agency - Authorisations and Environmental Management Service);
  • the Ministry of the Economy - Energy Directorate (Direction de l’Énergie);
  • the Ministry of Labour; or
  • the Ministry of the Civil Service.

Who is concerned?

Any private or public natural or legal person wishing to carry out technical assessment and inspection tasks requiring accreditation (e.g. a planning/engineering consultancy firm) must apply for specific accreditation.

Only accredited entities may carry out certain assessments/inspections, such as:

  • environmental impact assessments (EIA), environmental and energy audits, appraisals (e.g.: appraisal of waste management measures, impact assessments of a polluted site, etc.);
  • practices relating to the acceptance of works, technical audits, measurements and analyses (e.g.: acceptance of classified establishments, analyses of air quality, measurement of outputs, etc.);
  • verification of greenhouse gas emissions.


Applicants for accreditation must:

  • provide proof of sufficient technical or professional training, in the form of copies of diplomas and training certificates;
  • provide proof of satisfactory knowledge of the provisions relating to the technical tasks entrusted to them and of sufficient experience in carrying out these tasks (provide a document listing the laws, regulations, directives, circulars and standards which apply to the planned missions and also provide a list of recently carried out works in relation with the area of expertise in question)
  • have the necessary technical resources and staff to carry out the technical tasks required for the mission (provide a document describing the techniques and specific equipment used as well as the work methods used);
  • have the abilities required to draw up the certifications, minutes and reports constituting the materialisation of the assessments (provide at least one sample report per area of expertise concerned in French, German or Luxembourgish);
  • take out contractual and extra-contractual third-party liability insurance.

An applicant cannot be granted the accreditation if he:

  • is himself the designer, provider, developer or entrepreneur of the project subject to technical assessment or inspection;
  • is an authorised representative of the aforementioned persons.

The request for accreditation does not relieve from carrying out the other formalities regarding business permits.


The competent authorities are not bound by time limits to process the request.

The accreditation is granted for a duration of one year. It may be renewed by submitting a request no later than 3 months before the expiry date of the accreditation.

How to proceed

Once the aforementioned conditions have been checked, the applicant may request one or more accreditations.

The application for accreditation must be sent to the competent authority depending on the area concerned, as defined in the table below.

Competent authority

Competent authority

Area concerned

Environment Agency
Accreditations and Environmental Management Department 

Human environment (impact assessments, energy audits, waste, acceptance of establishments, wave emissions, etc.)

Natural environment (verification of greenhouse gas emissions)

Ministry of the Economy
Energy Directorate

Energy surveys and inspections

Ministry of Labour

Security inspections of installations and buildings (assessments, inspections, chemical analyses, security studies)

Ministry of the Civil Service

Security in the civil service (for example: acceptance and inspection of technical installations)

The information to be provided in the application for accreditation varies depending on the type of applicant, as defined hereafter.

Required information

Natural person

Private legal person

Public legal person

  • surname

  • first name(s)

  • profession

  • address

  • surname

  • address

  • legal form of the company

  • surnames, first names, professions and addresses of managers or directors or persons in charge of technical tasks

  • surname

  • address

  • surnames, first name(s), professions and addresses of persons in charge of technical tasks

Each application must be accompanied by all the information and documents needed to check that the required conditions have been meet (training certificates, diplomas, sample reports, working method, etc.).

Generally speaking, the accredited entity cannot be the designer, provider, developer or entrepreneur of the project requiring a technical assessment or inspection.

Online services and forms

Who to contact

Authorisations and Environmental Management Department

Facilitation Unit for Urban Planning and Environment

Energy Directorate

Ministry of Labour

Ministry of the Civil Service

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