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Private businesses and institutions must be accredited as 'private research institutions' in order to:

Accreditations are awarded by the Ministry of the Economy, which maintains a list of all accredited establishments.

Who is concerned?

Accreditation is required for any private business or institution that:

  • intends to host researchers from third countries;
  • intends to host third-country researchers who are already legally established in Luxembourg;
  • intends to host third-country researchers who have already entered into a host agreement in another EU Member State and who plan to stay in Luxembourg for more than 3 months;
  • wishes to obtain an 'Industrial Fellowship' grant for research undertaken by researchers for a PhD.

Businesses that do not intend to take advantage of the benefits listed above are not required to apply for accreditation as a private research institution in order to engage in research work.


Private Luxembourg research institutions must:

  • be established in Luxembourg;
  • engage in or plan to engage in research and development work, in particular:
    • basic research: this encompasses experimental or theoretical work undertaken primarily for the purpose of acquiring new knowledge on the mechanisms underlying phenomena or observable facts, without any practical application or use being directly envisaged;
    • industrial research: this encompasses planned research or critical surveys for the purpose of acquiring new knowledge and capabilities with a view to developing new products, processes, services, methods or organisation structures, or significantly improving existing products, processes, services, methods or organisation structures. It includes the development of components of complex systems that are necessary for industrial research, particularly for the purpose of vetting generic technologies, with the exception of prototypes;
    • experimental development: this encompasses acquiring, combining, structuring and using knowledge – especially scientific, technical and business knowledge – with a view to undertaking projects, or producing devices, drawings or models, for the purpose of modifying or improving existing products, processes, services, methods or organisation structures, or designing new ones.
      Experimental development also includes the development of prototypes or the implementation of commercially viable pilot projects, if the latter involve the development of a marketable end product or process that is too costly to produce for demonstration or approval purposes only.

How to proceed

Application for accreditation

The research institution must file an application for accreditation as a private research institution with the Ministry of the Economy.

Applications must be accompanied by:

  • the audited annual financial statements for the last 3 financial years (except for recently created businesses);
  • any additional information deemed necessary for the assessment of the application for accreditation.

Accreditation is generally granted for 3 to 5 years, except for recently created businesses, for which accreditation is granted for 3 years.

List of accredited private research institutions

  • AdwäisEO S.A.
  • Ai Mediq S.A.
  • Amersil S.A.
  • Artec Europe Sàrl
  • Asets-Lux Sàrl
  • Astron Buildings S.A.
  • Augment - Digital Facilities Services Sàrl
  • Banque et Caisse d'Epargne de l'Etat
  • Carraro Finance S.A.
  • CARRARO Lux-Tech R&D Centre Sàrl
  • Celestial Space Technologies Sàrl
  • Ceodeux S.A.
  • CERATIZIT Luxembourg Sàrl
  • CFL Intermodal S.A.
  • Circuit Foil Luxembourg
  • Coco World Sàrl-S
  • Compellio S.A.
  • DataThings Sàrl
  • Deep Space Industries Europe Sàrl
  • Docteur Bâtiment Sàrl
  • E-Bus Competence Center Sàrl
  • Eco:novis Sàrl
  • Euro-Composites S.A.
  • European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA)
  • Eurosender Sàrl
  • Fast-Track Diagnostics Sàrl
  • FIRIS S.A.
  • Flawless Photonics Sàrl
  • FMR Sàrl
  • Four Point Space Sàrl
  • Goodyear S.A.
  • Gradel (groupe)
  • Green Power Storage Solutions S.A. (GPSS S.A.)
  • Helix Space Sàrl-S
  • IEE S.A.
  • IMAtec Sàrl
  • InCert G.I.E.
  • Invitrolize Sàrl
  • ITTM S.A.
  • Koomtec Sàrl
  • LetzMath Sàrl-S
  • LSC Environmental Engineering S.A.
  • LUNEX University S.A.
  • LuxAI S.A.
  • Luxembourg Reasearchers Hub ASBL
  • Luxplan S.A.
  • Luxscan Technologies Sàrl
  • Lux-SIR Team
  • LuxSpace Sàrl
  • Made In Space Europe Sàrl
  • Manaa Electric S.A.
  • Max Planck Institute Luxembourg
  • MDSIM Sàrl
  • Meaningfy Sàrl-S
  • Molecular Plasma Group S.A.
  • MyelinH Sàrl-S
  • NIR Watchdog Sàrl
  • Nium Sàrl
  • Organo Therapeutics Sàrl-S
  • Oriskany Sàrl
  • PM-International AG
  • Post Luxembourg
  • Préfalux Construction S.A.
  • Proximus Luxembourg S.A.
  • Rafinex Sàrl
  • Rotarex S.A.
  • RSS-Hydro Sàrl-S
  • RTC4Water Sàrl
  • SES Techcom S.A.
  • Spacety Luxembourg S.A.
  • TNP Luxembourg S.A.
  • TR Engineering S.A.
  • Virtual Engineering
  • ZithaSenior S.A.

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