Applying for the child-raising pension "Mammerent"

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The child-raising pension (or "Mammerent") is intended for parents, or any other persons acting in loco parentis (in lieu and place of the parents), who have, in the main, devoted themselves to bringing up one or more children. Entitlement to the child-raising pension is acquired at the age of 65.

The child-raising pension must not be confused with the baby years measure: the baby years measure also falls within the scope of recognising the work that parents put into bringing up their children. These periods are taken into account for pension insurance purposes.

Who is concerned?

The child-raising pension is granted to parents (and to any person acting in loco parentis) who are domiciled in Luxembourg at the time of the child's birth or adoption and who effectively reside in the country.


Parents or persons acting in loco parentis must:

  • have reached 65 years of age;
  • actually have been living in Luxembourg when the child was born or adopted, or must be covered by a bi- or multilateral social security coordination instrument;
  • not be benefiting (themselves or their spouses) from the baby years measure for the child for whom the child-raising pension is claimed.

The Minister responsible for the Family may exempt the applicant parent from the condition of effective residence in Luxembourg if, at the time of the child's birth, they were away from the national territory for reasons beyond their control.


It is recommended to apply for the child-raising pension 1 to 2 months before the 65th birthday. Applications can also be submitted after the age of 65. In this case, the benefit is payable from the month in which the application is processed.

How to proceed

Filing an application

The application form can be downloaded below, under 'Online services and forms'.

The child-raising pension application includes information on the applicant parent and the children for whom the pension is requested.

The application should be filled in, signed and sent by post to the National Solidarity Fund (FNS).

Supporting documents

A bank account identification document and a birth certificate for each child must be attached.


Applicants may receive the child-raising pension from the date on which the application is filed, provided that they are 65 or over.

Amount of child-raising pension

This benefit is set at EUR 86.54 gross per month and per child.

The child-raising pension is paid in advance.

Tax adjustments are made, either by means of an annual adjustment, or by completing a tax return. For practical purposes, an annual child-raising pension certificate is sent.

For some recipients of an old-age pension supplement, the amount of this supplement is deducted from the child-raising pension. This deduction therefore only concerns the old-age pension supplement or the part of this supplement received following the taking into account of years spent bringing up minors in order to complete the probationary period to benefit from the pension.

The child-raising pension is liable for the tax and social contributions applicable to pensions.


The decision of the National Solidarity Fund may be appealed before the Council of Arbitration of Social Security (Conseil arbitral de la Sécurité sociale - CASS). An appeal may be lodged against the ruling of the CASS with the High Council of Social Security (Conseil supérieur de la Sécurité sociale).

All appeals must be made in writing within 40 days of the notice of the decision or the ruling. Beyond that timeframe, no appeals are accepted, and the decision becomes final.

Online services and forms

Who to contact

National Solidarity Fund - 'Mammerent' pension

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Further information

Legal references

  • Loi modifiée du 28 juin 2002

    1. adaptant le régime général et les régimes spéciaux de pension; 2. portant création d'un forfait d'éducation; 3. modifiant la loi modifiée du 29 avril 1999 portant création d'un droit à un revenu minimum garanti

  • Loi du 19 décembre 2008

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  • Loi du 16 décembre 2010

    portant modification de la loi modifiée du 28 juin 2002

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