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After you log in to and set up a private eSpace or business eSpace, you will have access to the many online services offered by the Luxembourg administrations and other public bodies. One of these services is viewing and verifying what is known as 'authentic sources'.

This data held by the Luxembourg administrations and other public bodies can be used to:

  • pre-fill the forms for your online procedures in order to facilitate the input process; and
  • automatically generate documents – such as a certificate of residence or an income certificate – for your own use.

If you notice that any data is incomplete or inaccurate, please contact the relevant administration or public body directly. The contact details are listed for each source under 'Contact'.

For data stored in the National Registry of Natural Persons (Registre national des personnes physiques – RNPP), you can request a correction or update by clicking on 'Amend your information', which is accessible from the corresponding authentic source.

Where can I find the authentic sources concerning my person?

In the 'My data' section of your private eSpace, you will find the authentic sources concerning your person. To view this data, all you need is to have a private eSpace. The data is available immediately – you do not need to complete any additional procedures.

No authentic source is saved directly on Your private eSpace is strictly confidential and security measures prevent other parties from viewing this data.

Where can I find the authentic sources concerning my business?

In the 'My business data' section of your business eSpace, you will find the authentic sources concerning your business or the business for which you have authority to act.

Please note that the authentic sources held by administrations and other public bodies of certain business sectors are accessible only through a certified business eSpace. These sources are indicated by a badge.

You will need an access code – also known as a 'token' – to view the following authentic sources:

  • tax cards from the Luxembourg Inland Revenue (Administration des contributions directes - ACD);
  • documents connected to VAT from the Registration Duties, Estates and VAT Authority (Administration de l’enregistrement, des domaines et de la TVA - AED);
  • the composition of a hunting syndicate disclosed to the Nature and Forest Agency (Administration de la nature et des forêts - ANF);
  • information on food establishments reported to the Luxembourg Veterinary and Food Administration (Administration luxembourgeoise vétérinaire et alimentaire - ALVA).

When a code is entered, the badge is displayed in blue.

Certification is granted for a business eSpace, rather than for each user of the eSpace. Therefore, if several people use the same eSpace, you may view the sources for which another user has entered an access code. Likewise, if you are invited into a certified eSpace, you may view authentic sources without needing to enter a code yourself.

Aside from data that you send to an administration or another public body as part of an online procedure, these bodies do not have access to authentic sources. Likewise, a government administration department or public body can see only the authentic sources it holds in accordance with its remit.

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