Applying for official measurement of a property

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Any property owner may request a measurement of their property in order to have an official cadastral survey (MO) plan produced that is showing the boundaries of their plot and its contents.

The official measurement includes:

  • re-establishing the demarcation; and
  • where applicable, the amicable demarcation of the boundaries.

In the case of subdivisions for building purposes or subdivisions for property transactions, new plots are created and described by an MO plan, which must be drawn up by an official surveyor (GO). This plan serves as the basis for property transactions.

The purpose of the request for measurement may be limited to defining and physically marking the property boundaries, with or without drawing up an MO map. If necessary, the official surveyor (GO), in the presence of all the owners concerned, or their representatives, may carry out an amicable demarcation, followed by a demarcation and boundary recognition report signed by all the parties involved. If an attempt at amicable demarcation fails, the GO will draw up a report of failure to demarcate (procès-verbal de carence), which will enable the most diligent party to bring an action for judicial demarcation.

If the purpose of the measurement request is to draw up topographical plans that are required for a special development plan (PAP), based on a topographical survey, the interested party is asked to contact an official surveyor in the private sector.

By using the online procedure on, each owner can submit an application for measurement to:

Who is concerned?

Anyone who owns built or unbuilt land in Luxembourg and who:

  • needs to know the exact boundaries of their property; or
  • needs a plan of their property for administrative purposes or a property transaction.


The processing of a request for measurement by the Land Registry and Topography Administration is invoiced on the basis of the following hourly fees:

  • surveyor: EUR 120; (chargé d’études)
  • manager: EUR 85; (chargé de gestion)
  • administrative agent: EUR 50 (rédacteur/expéditionnaire)
  • land registry agent: EUR 30 (agent des domaines)

The processing of a request for measurement by an official surveyor from the private sector will be based on the quote from that surveyor.

How to proceed

Filing an application

The request for measurement should be sent to the ACT using the online procedure on (see 'Forms / Online services').

Application submitted by a natural person

If you are a natural person, the procedure can be submitted:

Application submitted by a legal person

If you are a legal person, the procedure can be submitted without authentication:

Please note that the online procedure is currently not available in the business eSpace.

Next steps

The transmission of the application will be confirmed by an automated transmission receipt.

If the applicant chooses to use the Land Registry and Topography Administration, the application will be registered by the latter, which will inform the applicant by return of an acknowledgement of receipt via

If the applicant opts for an official private surveyor's office, they will be contacted by email.

Online services and forms

Who to contact

Land Registry and Topography Administration

  • Land Registry and Topography Administration

    1, rue Charles Darwin L-1433 Luxembourg Luxembourg
    B.P. 1761, L-1017 Luxembourg
    Email address:
    Open Closes at 15.00
    9.00 to 15.00
    9.00 to 15.00
    9.00 to 15.00
    9.00 to 15.00
    9.00 to 15.00
  • Branch office of the Land Registry and Topography Administration

    280, route de Longwy L-1940 Luxembourg Luxembourg
    B.P. 1761 L-1017 Luxembourg
    (+352) 247-93973

Related procedures and links


Requesting an extract from the Land Registry


Further information

Legal references

  • Loi modifiée du 25 juillet 2002

    portant réorganisation de l'administration du cadastre et de la topographie

  • Loi modifiée du 25 juillet 2002

    création et réglementation des professions de géomètre et de géomètre officiel

  • Règlement grand-ducal du 10 août 2018

    portant fixation des conditions et modalités de consultation et de délivrance de la documentation cadastrale, topographique, cartographique et géodésique gérée par l’administration du cadastre et de la topographie et portant fixation du tarif des taxes à percevoir au profit de l'État pour les travaux de bureau et de terrain exécutés par l’administration du cadastre et de la topographie

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