Applying for a passport – for non-residents

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The passport is a travel document issued by the State which enables its holder to be identified by foreign authorities.

Since the introduction of the biometric passport, the Grand Duchy issues one document per person. This means that each child has his or her own passport.

A passport is only required if the holder travels to a country that requires one; this includes most foreign countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA). Entry and visitor visas are stamped in passports when they are required by third countries.

Before travelling, it is advisable to check that the passport will be valid for long enough for staying in all the countries to be visited. Some countries only grant entry visas to persons who have a passport valid for at least another 6 months after the expiry date of the visa applied for.

Who is concerned?

Any Luxembourg national residing abroad who:

  • does not yet have a passport; or
  • has a passport that is about to expire.

Children are not listed on their parents' passports and need to have a passport of their own.


Preliminary steps

Before applying for a passport, Luxembourg nationals living abroad should register with the competent embassy or consulate in their country of residence.

Applicants are advised to:

  • check and confirm in advance the information listed about them in the National Registry of Natural Persons (Registre national des personnes physiques - RNPP). It is this information that will be used on the passport application;
  • declaring a change of address to the RNPP.

In the case of an application made by a non-resident, they must be able to provide proof of their address.


The amount of time required by the Passport, Visa and Legalisation Office to issue a passport is:

  • 7 working days following receipt of the application for the standard procedure;
  • 3 working daysfor the fast-track procedure.

This time limit does not start until all the necessary documents for issuing the passport have been submitted.

At embassies and consulates, the procedure takes more than 10 days.

The amount of time taken to process applications submitted abroad depends on the diplomatic mission.

Passports must be collected within 6 months of applying. Beyond this deadline, the passport might be destroyed.



The amount due for issuing a passport valid for:

  • 5 years is:
    • EUR 50 under the standard procedure;
    • EUR 150 under the fast-track procedure;
  • 2 years (only for children under 4 years of age) is:
    • EUR 30 under the standard procedure;
    • EUR 90 under the fast-track procedure.


Payment can be made:

  • online via;
  • by bank card directly at the Passport, Visa and Legalisation Office (Bureau des passeports, visas et légalisations - BPVL);
  • by deposit or transfer to the BPVL's post office account (IBAN: LU 46 1111 1298 0014 0000 / BIC: CCPLLULL).

Payment must be made:

  • no more than 6 months before applying;
  • no later than at the time of applying.

In case of multiple applications for biometric passports for several members of the same family, the total amount can be paid with a single deposit/transfer, indicating the first names and surnames of all the applicants.

Under no circumstances will the bank charges for making a transfer be borne by the BPVL.

Refund in case of an erroneous transfer

In the event of an erroneous transfer, a refund may be requested in writing (French, Pdf, 244 Kb) (letter, email or fax) from the BPVL. The request must include an explanation, a copy of the transfer as well as an account number (IBAN and BIC code) and name of the account holder.

How to proceed

Submitting the application

An applicant may apply in person at:

It is now possible to make an appointment with the Passport, Visa and Legalisation Office in order to apply for and collect a passport.

It should be noted that:

  • the surnames and first names included on the application must be those listed in the RNPP;
  • at the applicant's request: the names of a spouse, deceased spouse, former spouse or registered partner may be included on the passport. The names or titles on the passport will be those recorded in the RNPP.

Each passport application must be signed.

The diplomatic mission or the BPVL will give the applicant a receipt acknowledging submission of the application.

Supporting documents

Applicants must provide:

  • their current Luxembourg passport or ID card; or
  • in the event of loss or theft: a police statement of loss or theft;
  • if the application is submitted abroad: a recent photo (complying with ICAO standards);
  • a recent residence certificate established within the last 3 months, or a residence permit issued by the competent authority in the country of residence. In countries that do not issue either a residence certificate or a residence permit, the applicant's address may be proved by:
    • producing a driving licence, an electricity or phone bill; or
    • any other document providing credible information as to the applicant's address; or
    • an affidavit (sworn statement) certified by the communal administration / police / a notary / the head of the diplomatic or consular mission or a sworn translator, but only if the address is indicated;
  • in the event of marriage abroad: a copy of the marriage certificate;
  • a payment receipt of the amount of the fee.

Note : When a passport is applied for at the BPVL or at the offices of the communal administration, the ID photo will be taken on the spot.

If applying at the BPVL, applicants must in addition provide:

  • for minors:
    • a recent residence certificate in the child's name; and
    • another certificate with the same address in the name of one of the parents or the legal guardian;
  • a copy of the child's birth certificate;
  • applicants who are not in possession of a valid Luxembourg ID card or passport and there is serious doubt concerning their citizenship must provide a valid certificate of nationality issued by the Nationality Office (Service de la nationalité luxembourgeoise) of the Ministry of Justice.


Passports should be collected in person (or by a person designated as being authorised to collect the passport) at the place where the application was made.

The receipt received when the passport was applied for must be handed over when collecting the passport.

The receipt of the passport must be signed by the holder (or by the person duly authorised to sign) at the time of collection of the passport.

The passport(s) may be collected at the BPVL by the person authorised to collect it as indicated on the receipt issued when the application was submitted.

Fast-track procedure

Using the fast-track procedure makes it possible to shorten the time taken to produce a passport. A surcharge is made for using this procedure.

Applications may be made at:

The documents required are the same as for the standard procedure. Proof of payment of the surcharge must also be produced.

The passport must still be collected at the BPVL:

  • by the holder of the passport; or
  • a person authorised by the holder.

If the new passport is not produced within 3 working days, the applicant may apply for a refund of the surcharge.

Note that no compensation can be claimed for any damages or harm suffered.

Applying for a passport for a minor or an adult without legal capacity

Emancipated minor

Emancipated minors must submit their passport application in the same way as adult applicants.

Non-emancipated minor

Submitting the application

For applications for a passport for a minor, several different situations must be distinguished:

  • the child lives officially at the same address as both parents:
    • the application can be made by either of the parents;
    • if a power of attorney is issued to a third-party for the purpose of submitting the application, it can be signed by either of the parents;
  • the child lives officially at the same address as one of the parents:
    • the application can be made by:
      • the parent with whom the child lives;
      • the parent with whom the child does not live: the parent must produce an authorisation from the parent with whom the child lives;  
    • if a power of attorney is issued to a third party for the purpose of submitting the application, it must be signed by the parent with whom the child lives;
  • the child does not live with either of its parents: the applicant must:
    • prove that they have parental authority in respect of the child. This also applies to the child's parents;
    • produce an authorisation from the person with whom the child officially lives.

Legal representatives must provide proof of their legal authority.

The supporting documents that may be required must be in one of the following languages: German, French, Luxembourgish or English. Documents in any other language must be translated by a sworn translator in Luxembourg.

The name(s) of the child's parent(s) and legal guardian are indicated on the passport as listed:

  • in the RNPP; or
  • otherwise, on the supporting document.

Parental authority is only indicated on a minor's passport if requested by the parent(s) concerned.

Supporting documents

If the passport application for a minor is submitted to a Luxembourg diplomatic mission, the following documents are required:

  • a recent photo (complying with ICAO standards);
  • the family record book (livret de famille) or equivalent;
  • if the parents are separated or divorced:
    • a copy of the separation agreement or divorce judgement proving that the parent countersigning the passport application has parental authority for the child; or
    • an attestation from the competent authority of the place of residence establishing that the child lives at the same address as the parent making the application;
  • a copy of the birth certificate, if the the minor was born abroad;
  • a payment receipt of the amount of the fee.

Depending on the circumstances (newborn, alternating custody of the child, etc.), additional supporting documents may be required.

Signing the application

Children unable to sign their application are exempted (no signature is entered for children until the age of 6). A note to this effect will be entered on the observation page reserved for the competent authorities issuing the passport.

Collecting the passport

A minor's passport should be collected:

  • by the parent who applied on the minor's behalf; or
  • by the other parent or another person duly authorised to collect the passport; or
  • the minor if:
    • they have been designated by the parent exercising parental authority or the legal guardian;
    • they are over 12 years old;
    • the authorisation was notified by one of the parents at the time the application was submitted.

The names of the child's parent(s) and the legal guardian are indicated on it as listed in the National Registry of Natural Persons or, failing that, on presentation of a supporting document.

Adult without legal capacity

Passport applications for adults under guardianship are submitted by their legal guardian. If the guardian is a legal person, a proxy must be presented.

Legal representatives must provide proof of their legal authority.

The supporting documents that may be required must be in one of the following languages: German, French, Luxembourgish or English. Documents in any other language must be translated by a sworn translator in Luxembourg.

Entering biometric data

After checking the identity and nationality of the applicant, the authorised agents record the passport application on the basis of data in the National Registry of Natural Persons and incorporate the biometric identifiers, which are:

  • fingerprints: flat prints:
    • of the left and right index fingers; or
    • if it is not possible to take a print of the index finger, of another finger;
  • facial image;
  • signature.

Fingerprints are not taken if the applicant applies to a Belgian diplomatic mission.

This data will be stored on the electronic chip in the passport.

The following are not required to have their fingerprints taken:

  • children under 12 years of age;
  • persons physically unable to provide them.

If necessary, a medical certificate attesting the person's inability must be submitted at the time of applying for the passport.

Validity, loss or theft of a passport

The validity of the passport is:

  • 2 years for minors under 4 years of age;
  • 5 years for adults and minors over 4 years of age;

Passports issued by a Belgian diplomatic mission are temporary passports, valid for one year.

Passports are not extended. A new application for a passport must be submitted.

Loss or theft of a passport

The loss, theft or destruction of a passport in another country must be reported as soon as possible:

  • to the police;
  • to:
    • a Luxembourg consulate or embassy; or
    •  failing that, to a Belgian consulate or embassy.

It is also possible to apply for a new passport at a Luxembourg or Belgian diplomatic mission.

When submitting an application for a new passport, in Luxembourg or abroad, a declaration of loss or theft issued by the police must be supplied.

Declaring loss or theft to the Passport, Visa and Legalisation Office entails the invalidation of the passport.

Note: If a lost passport is found, it must not under any circumstances be used; it should be returned to the Passport, Visa and Legalisation Office. This is because lost passports are recorded in an international database; the use of a passport listed in the database could cause serious problems for the user.

Issue of a second passport

No one may be in possession of two passports, even if one of them has expired.

A new passport will not be issued:

  • before the previous passport has been returned; or
  • in the event of loss or theft: before the production of a declaration of loss or theft made to the competent authority.

However, in exceptional circumstances and for duly justified professional reasons, a second passport may be issued to Luxembourg nationals who so request, following the same application procedure.

Applications for a second passport must be submitted to the BPVL; its prior agreement is required.

Online services and forms

Who to contact

Passport, Visa and Legalisation Office (BPVL-MAEE)

Nationality Office

Communal administrations

  • Beaufort

    9, rue de l'Eglise L-6315 Beaufort Luxembourg
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  • Bech

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    Email address:
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