Registration of businesses in the food sector

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Any company or establishment involved in the food chain must be known to the competent authorities in order to:

  • ensure the compliance of foodstuffs, food contact materials and articles with national and European legislation; and
  • enable an efficient organisation of official controls of establishments in the food chain.

To this end, operators must notify the Luxembourg Veterinary and Food Administration (Administration luxembourgeoise vétérinaire et alimentaire - ALVA) of the activities of any establishments under their responsibility that carry out any of the stages relating to the production, processing and distribution of foodstuffs.

Who is concerned?

Concerned establishments

Any company (public or private, profit or non-profit) or establishment engaged in the production, processing or distribution of foodstuffs or materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.

Example: grocery shops, restaurants, crèches, businesses in the packaging sector or active in the export or import of foodstuffs, producers of food packaging materials, etc.

Slaughterhouses or feed establishments are not concerned but they are subject to other types of registration.

Information to be provided

The operator must provide the following information:

  • the establishment's trade name;
  • the physical address where the activities take place;
  • the activities related to the production, processing and distribution stages of foodstuffs.

Please note: The indication of the address of a fiduciary which is hosting the registered office is not permitted.

In addition, the contact details and address of the food business operator must be provided in order to:

  • appoint a person responsible for enforcing food safety regulatory requirements;
  • define:
    • a recipient of official control reports; and
    • contact persons for rapid alerts or incidents involving food and food contact materials and articles.

In addition, if the operator is a legal entity, it must designate at least one natural person as the recipient of reports and as the contact person on behalf of said legal entity in the case of incidents.

Failing that, the recipient is:

  • the company manager; or
  • failing that, the corporate officers.

How to proceed

Registration procedure

Applicants are required to submit an online application for registration using

  • either by using the procedure with LuxTrust authentication;
  • or by using the procedure without LuxTrust authentication.

Notification of modification or of cessation of activity

Any modification or cessation of activity must be notified by the business operator to the Luxembourg Veterinary and Food Administration (ALVA) using the online registration procedure with LuxTrust authentication on The procedure is the same as for the registration.

To carry out this procedure via, applicants must have a business eSpace certified by ALVA. They can request an access code by email at

In the case of notification of cessation of activity, the applicant must indicate, inter alia, the date of commencement of inactivity.

The operator may also notify ALVA of the cessation of their activity by email to, providing the following information:

  • name and address of the establishment;
  • national registration number (LU-XXXXX-Et or LU-XXXXX-En).

Confirmation of the notification

Within 15 working days of the notification, the operator will receive the following from the Luxembourg Veterinary and Food Administration (ALVA):

  • either an acknowledgement of receipt of the notification showing the national registration number of the operator (e.g. LU-XXXXX-Et or LU-XXXXX-En);
  • or a letter requesting a modification of the notification.

The operator can start their activity as soon as the notification is sent and without having to wait for the acknowledgement of receipt or the letter requesting a modification.

Data storage

The Luxembourg Veterinary and Food Administration (ALVA) keeps a file in which the reported data of all establishments is stored.

The data, which is regularly updated, is kept for a maximum of 5 years after the end of the activities related to the stages of production, processing and distribution of foodstuffs.

Online consultation of registered data

Upon request by email to, an access code is sent to the operator by post. This code enables them to consult their registration data online via, to modify the data and to send it to the Luxembourg Veterinary and Food Administration (ALVA).

To do this, the operator must indicate, in their email:

  • their national registration number (LU-XXXXX-Et or LU-XXXXX-En); or
  • the name and address of the food establishment.

This functionality is explained in a tutorial (Pdf, 2.10 Mb). How to obtain certification for your business eSpace?

In order to have your business eSpace certified and thus be able to consult your registration data online, you must complete several formalities. There are 3 possible scenarios:

1. You are a new user on and do not yet have a business eSpace:

The creation of the eSpace is done in 2 steps:

  • registration of the user; and
  • creation of the business eSpace.

A tutorial in video or PDF format (Pdf, 1.31 Mb) is available to guide you.

2. You are already a user and have a private eSpace: you will need to create a business eSpace.

A tutorial in video or PDF format (Pdf, 1.05 Mb) is available to guide you.

3. You already have a business eSpace for the business whose registration data you want to consult: the existing business eSpace can be used.

Then, in order to have your business eSpace certified, you will require an access code:

Consult the help section.

Online services and forms

Who to contact

Luxembourg Veterinary and Food Administration (ALVA)

  • Luxembourg Veterinary and Food Administration (ALVA)

    7, rue Thomas Edison L-1445 Strassen Luxembourg
    Email address:

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