Transporting or transferring a firearm into Luxembourg

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Before entering Luxembourg with a firearm, European residents who hold a firearms licence in their country of residence must obtain a European Firearms Pass (EFP). This pass must be approved by the Arms and Security Service (Service Armes et Gardiennage) of the Ministry of Justice before entering the country with the firearm in question.

Furthermore, hunting guests from countries outside the European Union must go through certain formalities before they may use their own firearms during their stay in Luxembourg.

In addition, permanently transferring firearms from another Member State into Luxembourg, or importing firearms from a non-EU Member State, are subject to prior authorisation by the Ministry of Justice.

Who is concerned?

Any person wishing to come to or to transit through Luxembourg with one or more firearms legally held in the country of residence.

Any person wishing to purchase a firearm abroad.

Any person owning firearms and wishing to transfer their main place of residence to Luxembourg.

How to proceed

Temporary transfer from a European Union Member State   

The European Firearms Pass (EFP) covers temporary transfers of firearms to other EU Member States for the purpose of taking part in a hunt or competitive target shooting.

The European Firearms Pass must also receive prior approval (without any taxes assessed) by the Luxembourg authorities, specifically Arms and Security Service of the Ministry of Justice, before the firearms concerned can be brought to Luxembourg.

Specific case of a foreigner invited to hunt in Luxembourg

Hunting guests who are not citizens of a European Union Member State and who wish to bring their own firearms but who, due to their country of origin, do not hold a European Firearms Pass (EFP), must file a special application with the Arms and Security Service of the Ministry of Justice.

The same form must be used by hunting guests from a European Union Member State who, rather than bringing their own firearms, wish to borrow one or more firearms from hunters who are Luxembourg residents.

The following documents must be included with the application:

  • a copy of the hunting guests ID card;
  • the provisional hunting licence established by the Nature and Forest Agency.
  • proof of payment of the tax stamp "taxe de chancellerie" (statement of debit).

Permanent transfer from another European Union Member State

No firearm may be permanently transferred into Luxembourg without prior authorisation from the Arms and Security Service of the Ministry of Justice.

The authorisation is issued free of charge together with the requested firearms licence (authorisation to carry a sport or hunting weapon, authorisation to own a weapon).

Other than this one-time authorisation to acquire a weapon, the competent authorities in the country from which the firearm is sent may also, if applicable, request prior approval for the transfer of firearms. This document, which must be approved by the Arms and Security Service, must be completed in advance by the applicant.

Note that the prior approval is always issued by the destination Member State, whereas the firearms transfer permit is always issued by the Member State of origin, after the destination Member State has issued its prior approval.

Importing firearms from countries outside the European Union

It is not legal to import any weapons without a prior acquisition authorisation issued by the Arms and Security Service of the Ministry of Justice.

Online services and forms

Who to contact

Arms and Security Service

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