Rights conferred by international protection

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Persons with either the refugee status or the subsidiary protection status are granted several rights.

The present provisions do not apply to persons awaiting a decision because the procedure is still ongoing.

Residence permits and travel documents

Beneficiaries of international protection receive a residence permit "international protection" with a 5-year validity. They are thus admitted to circulate freely in all of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

A travel document for refugees is issued to persons who have obtained such a status and which enables them to travel outside of Luxembourg. Beneficiaries of international protection are not allowed to return to their country of origin on pain of losing their international protection status.

Beneficiaries of subsidiary protection are expected to produce a national passport in order to receive the documents enabling them to travel.

Education, work, accommodation and health care

Beneficiaries of international protection have access to social security benefits, accommodation, education and health care in the same conditions as Luxembourg citizens. Hence, they may profit from the various aids and benefits granted in these areas.

They are also allowed to carry out salaried or unpaid activities provided it is in compliance with the provisions in the sector of activity concerned and in the public services sector.

Luxembourg legislation applies in all matters concerning remuneration, access to social security schemes related to salaried or unpaid activities, as well as all other conditions regarding employment.

Employment training measures for adults, vocational training and professional experiences may also be offered.

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