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Unless proven otherwise, a person is generally deemed to be a Luxembourg national if they possess:

  • a valid Luxembourg passport; or
  • a valid Luxembourg ID card.

A Luxembourgish certificate of nationality (Heimatschein) also serves as proof of Luxembourg nationality.

Who is concerned?

The persons concerned are only required to produce a certificate of nationality in the following cases:

  • if the Luxembourg authorities question or dispute their status as a Luxembourg national;
  • if foreign authorities require that such a certificate be produced.

In addition, Luxembourg nationals residing abroad and not in possession of a valid Luxembourg passport or ID card can prove their status by producing a certificate of Luxembourg nationality.

As part of the procedure for naturalisation or the reclamation of Luxembourg nationality, applicants may be asked to produce a certificate of Luxembourg nationality for their spouse, parent, grandparent or child.


Once all the necessary documentation has been received, the Nationality Office (Service de nationalité luxembourgeoise) will send the certificate of Luxembourg nationality to the applicant by post as soon as possible.


Certificates of Luxembourg nationality are issued free of charge.

How to proceed

Filing an application

A certificate of nationality may be applied for:

  • by appearing in person at the Nationality Office of the Ministry of Justice (Service de la nationalité). If the applicant is unable to appear in person, the certificate of nationality may be requested by a trusted representative, who will be required to produce a copy of the applicant’s ID card; or
  • by sending a request to the Nationality Office by post, including the applicant’s:
    • first and last names;
    • date and place of birth;
    • address in Luxembourg or abroad.

The same information must also be provided for the applicant’s children if they also require a Luxembourgish certificate of nationality.

Supporting documents

The application for a certificate of Luxembourg nationality must include:

  • the applicant’s surname and first name(s), date and place of birth, and address;
  • the surname(s) and first name(s), dates and places of birth of the applicant‘s parents;
  • the intended use of the certificate of nationality.

In order to obtain a certificate of nationality, the applicant must provide proof of Luxembourg nationality by means of documentary evidence.

Applicants must enclose a copy of their passport or ID card with their application or present this copy if they go the Nationality Office in person.

The Nationality Office may require that certain other documents be provided, such as:

  • birth certificates;
  • marriage certificates;
  • death certificates;
  • court rulings;
  • copies of foreign identity documents;
  • the enforcement in Luxembourg of an adoption decision handed down by a foreign court:
    • it is compulsory for the establishment of a certificate of Luxembourgish nationality in the name of a minor child who has been adopted in a foreign country and whose adopter has acquired or reacquired the Luxembourgish nationality;
    • it is recommended with a view to the transcription into the Luxembourg civil status registers of the adoption pronounced by a foreign court when the adoptee initiates a procedure for the acquisition or recovery of Luxembourgish nationality.

The enforcement of a decision emanating from a foreign court is within the jurisdiction of the district court of Luxembourg or Diekirch. The enforcement procedure (exequatur) must be initiated by a court lawyer.

As the documents to be provided when applying for a certificate of nationality differ depending on the individual circumstances, interested parties are encouraged to contact the Nationality Office or the infoline telephone service 'Nationalité' beforehand.

Information included

The certificate of Luxembourg nationality attests that the named person is a Luxembourg national and has not lost this status to the best knowledge of the issuing authority. The certificate of Luxembourg nationality is deemed to be sufficient proof of the holder's status as a Luxembourg national until proof is provided to the contrary.

At the request of its holder, this certificate can include the date on which Luxembourg nationality was obtained as well as the means by which it was obtained.

Who to contact

Nationality Office

Nationality Office

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