Renouncing Luxembourgish nationality

Persons with Luxembourgish nationality may choose to renounce it.

Losing Luxembourgish nationality has no retro-active effects. The acts and events occurring before loss of Luxembourgish nationality remain valid.

Who is concerned

The procedure to renounce Luxembourgish nationality is open to all persons with Luxembourgish nationality, provided that they are over 18.

However, loss of Luxembourgish nationality is not possible when it would result in the person becoming stateless, i.e. without a nationality.


Persons with Luxembourgish nationality may renounce it at any time.


The procedure to renounce Luxembourgish nationality is free of charge.

How to proceed

Documents to be submitted to the civil registrar

Persons wishing to renounce their Luxembourgish nationality must submit certain documents to the relevant civil registrar:

  • a full copy of their birth certificate and, if necessary, that of their children under 18;
  • a copy of their valid passport and, if applicable, that of their children aged under 18. If they do not have a passport, another identity or travel document may be provided;
  • a certificate confirming that they have another foreign nationality or will acquire another foreign nationality subsequent to renouncing their Luxembourgish nationality. This certificate must be issued by the relevant foreign authority fewer than 30 days before submitting the declaration of renunciation;
  • a certificate of Luxembourgish nationality, issued fewer than 30 days before the declaration of renunciation is lodged;
  • if applicable, the authorisation of the judge supervising guardianship to initiate a renunciation procedure;
  • if applicable, the decision of the Minister of Justice granting an exemption from the need to submit any of the required documents. This exemption can be obtained upon reasoned request from the Minister of Justice, who has sole authority to grant it.

If a required document has not been drafted in French, German or Luxembourgish, the applicant must submit it with a translation in one of these 3 languages. This must be performed by sworn translator or by a foreign public authority.

Submitting a declaration of renunciation to the relevant civil registrar

In order to submit a declaration of renunciation of Luxembourgish nationality, applicants must appear in person before the civil registrar:

  • of the commune of the usual place of residence of the applicant;
  • of the City of Luxembourg, if they live abroad.

They may be accompanied by a person of their choice.

The renunciation declaration must be signed by the applicant or their legal representative. Signature by proxy is not permitted.

If the legal conditions are met and if the file contains all the necessary documentation, the civil registrar records the declaration of renunciation. They then send the file to the Nationality Office (Service de la nationalité luxembourgeoise) of the Ministry of Justice directly and without delay.

If the file submitted is incomplete, the civil registrar will request that the applicant produce the missing documents within a period of 3 months.

The civil registrar will refuse to record the declaration if the person making the declaration:

  • does not fulfil the legal conditions for renunciation; or
  • has made false statements, concealed important information or acted fraudulently in order to be able to renounce Luxembourgish nationality.

The person concerned is notified by post of the refusal to record the declaration of renunciation by the civil registrar.

This refusal may be appealed before the Minister of Justice within a period of one month of notification of the refusal. If the appeal is rejected by the Minister, a reversal on appeal may be petitioned before the administrative tribunal.

If the declaration is recorded, the loss of nationality will become effective after a period of 4 months following receipt of the complete file by the Ministry of Justice.

The civil registrar will send the declaration of renunciation containing the date of loss of Luxembourgish nationality to the person concerned.

Cancellation of the declaration of renunciation

The filed declaration of renunciation is cancelled:

  • when the civil registrar has recorded the declaration in violation of the legal provisions;
  • when the person concerned has lost their Luxembourgish nationality by renunciation as a result of making false statements, concealing important information or fraud.

Cancellation of the declaration of renunciation is recorded on the declaration of renunciation.

The ministerial decision to cancel the renunciation declaration may be subject to a reversal on appeal petitioned before the administrative tribunal within a period of 3 months from notification of this decision. The appeal must be lodged by a court lawyer.

Who to contact

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