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European rules apply to the operation of drones (also know as 'Unmanned Aerial Vehicle' - UAV, or 'Unmanned Aircraft System' - UAS).

These rules provide for 3 categories depending on the operational risk:

  • 'OPEN', when the risk is low;
  • 'SPECIFIC', when the risk is medium;
  • 'CERTIFIED', when the risk is very high.

Any natural or legal person wishing to operate UASs in the 'OPEN' or 'SPECIFIC' categories must register as an operator with the Directorate of Civil Aviation (Direction de l’Aviation Civile - DAC).

This procedure is for registering as an operator only (not registering UASs themselves).

Who is concerned?

Who can register?

Persons eligible to register as a UAS operator fall into 3 standard categories:

  • natural persons:
    • residing in Luxembourg; and
    • aged 16 or over;
  • legal persons whose main place of business is in Luxembourg;
  • national administration bodies: applications must be submitted using the hard-copy form only.

Natural or legal persons residing in a third country (outside the EASA Member States) can also obtain information on how to register as a UAS operator by submitting their request by email to the Directorate of Civil Aviation (Direction de l'aviation civile - DAC) at:

A UAS operator CANNOT be registered in 2 different EASA Member States at the same time.

Which UAS are concerned?

Natural and legal persons must register on if they wish to operate:

  • a UAS weighing more than 250 g;
  • a UAS weighing less than 250 g, if:
    • the UAS:
      • is not classed as a toy; and
      • has a camera or microphone;
    • the UAS can transfer more than 80 joules of kinetic energy (applies to UASs that can achieve speeds of over 90 km/h).

Registration is not required for the operation of a UAS weighing less than 250 g, if the UAS is classed as a toy.


Natural persons must register themselves, and have a means of authenticating their identity on The registration system does not allow third-party registration.

Legal persons must be registered by a legal representative possessing a means of authenticating their identity on


Registering as a UAS operator is free of charge.

How to proceed

Submitting the application

If the applicant is either a natural or legal person, the application can be filed with the Directorate of Civil Aviation (DAC):

  • by using the assistant (see the section 'Online services and forms' below) or the mobile application;
  • or by using a hard-copy form if the applicant does not have access to The completed form can be sent:

If the applicant is an administrative body, the application must be signed by the head of that administrative body, or by their delegated representative.

After entering some basic information in the system, the applicant must select one of several application types:

  • new UAS operator: should only be used if:
    • the operator does not already have an operator number; or
    • the number has been permanently deregistered;
  • rectification: to update the operator's contact details, e.g., their home address, telephone number, email address or insurance policy number;
  • renewal: to renew the registration number's date of validity. Extension applications should be filed annually;
  • permanent deregistration: if the operator wishes to stop operating UASs permanently. The registration number will never be available for use again and will be permanently blocked.

A civil liability insurance policy number is required to complete all of the applications above.

Application processing time

If the online procedure is successfully completed, the registration certificate will be issued within 3 hours after the application is submitted and will appear in the 'Messages' tab.

The processing time for hard-copy applications is 15 working days.

The UAS operator registration certificate shows an operator registration number.

It also shows an identification string, which must be entered in the in the UAS system, if that system supports remote identification. These elements are used to identify the operator.


The registration certificate is valid for one year. As such, the procedure must be repeated each year for the registration number to remain valid.


The operator must visibly display the UAS operator number (without the secret 3-letter code) on each UAS that they operate. The number may be printed or handwritten.

The registration certificate shows an identification string, which must be entered in the in the UAS system, if that system supports remote identification. These elements are used to identify the operator.

Online services and forms

Who to contact

Directorate of Civil Aviation

  • Directorate of Civil Aviation

    4, rue Lou Hemmer L-1748 Senningerberg Luxembourg
    Postbox 283 L-2012 Luxembourg
    Email address:
    Open Closes at 12.00
    8.30 to 12.00, 13.00 to 17.00
    8.30 to 12.00, 13.00 to 17.00
    8.30 to 12.00, 13.00 to 17.00
    8.30 to 12.00, 13.00 to 17.00
    8.30 to 12.00, 13.00 to 17.00

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Further information

Legal references

Règlement d'exécution (UE) modifié n° 2019/947 de la Commission du 24 mai 2019

concernant les règles et procédures applicables à l'exploitation d'aéronefs sans équipage à bord

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