Notice of dismissal for reasons not directly related to the employee's person

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A notice of dismissal for reasons not directly related to the employee's person is an indicator that allows the Secretariat of the Economic Committee (Secrétariat du Comité de conjoncture) to detect businesses which are experiencing financial hardship.

On the basis of these notices, the Secretariat may take the initiative to contact the social partners to attempt to establish a job protection plan in accordance with the provisions of the Labour Code.

Who is concerned?

Employers who have at least 15 employees in their employ on a regular basis must inform the secretariat of the Economic Committee of all dismissals for reasons not directly related to the employee's person at the latest when the dismissal is notified to the employee.

How to proceed

Notice of dismissal

The company must submit the following to the Economic Committee:

  • a declaration of dismissal for economic reasons and/or the proof of filing of a recovery or job protection plan available on (see 'Online services and forms' → Déclaration de licenciement économique et/ou dépôt d'un plan de redressement ou d'un plan de maintien dans l'emploi); and
  • the notification form for dismissals for reasons not directly related to the employee's person (see 'Online services and forms' - Notification des licenciements pour des raisons non inhérentes à la personne du salarié).

Information to be provided

The notice of dismissal must:

  • be sent, at the latest, when the letter of dismissal is sent to the employee;
  • specify:
    • the name of the company and its NACE code;
    • the employer's official registration number;
    • the total number of staff;
    • the number of employees dismissed since the last notice was sent;
    • the dates of hire and of the notices of dismissal for each employee being dismissed;
    • the date of the last notice of dismissal sent to the Economic Committee.

    Monthly statement of notifications

    The secretariat draws up a monthly statement of notifications received and submits it for information and discussion to the members of the Economic Committee, who undertake to respect an obligation of professional discretion in this respect.

Online services and forms

Who to contact

Ministry of the Economy – Economic Committee

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