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Fit 4 Start is a business acceleration programme over 4 months aimed at Luxembourgish and international start-ups active in information and communication technologies, in health technologies or the space sector. All participants will benefit from financial support of up to EUR 150,000 and personalised coaching to launch their offer on the Luxembourg market and then roll it out in Europe from Luxembourg.

Two sessions of the programme are organised every year, one in spring and the other one in autumn.


Who is concerned

Businesses concerned

In the Autumn edition, the start-ups active in one of the following sectors can apply to the programme:

  • information and communications technologies; or
  • health technologies; or
  • the space sector.

These businesses must be:

  • start-ups on the verge of being created or already created in Luxembourg less than 5 years prior to the beginning of the programme;
  • start-ups with a team of at least 2 persons.



However, several conditions must be met:

  • the business project must contain the notion of market innovation or differentiation on the market;
  • at least one member of the team must work full-time on the project;
  • the team is required to provide progress reports on a regular basis;
  • the business must have a minimum share capital of EUR 10,000, fully paid-up in cash.

How to proceed


Start-ups who wish to participate in one of the 2 annual sessions of Fit 4 Start must submit their application online on the website The selected candidates present their project to a jury of experienced entrepreneurs who will then select only the most promising start-ups.

Programme content

Fit 4 Start is a complete programme including international coaching and subsidies. Depending on the project's advancement, the programme will help participants to:

  • identify their first clients;
  • test their prototype;
  • refine their business plan; and
  • present the business to investors.

Each participant will benefit from the programme organisers' network of partners.

Moreover, the programme gives access to:

  • joint sessions in the form of workshops for all participants;
  • 8 days of personalised coaching;
  • a weekly follow-up by experts in “Lean Start-up”;
  • collaborative work spaces in an incubator;
  • the possibility to meet the different players in the start-up ecosystem in Luxembourg and to benefit from their support.

Financing of the programme

The participants will receive a EUR 50,000 subsidy to help them implement their project. An additional subsidy of EUR 100,000 is granted to start-ups that:

  • obtained their Fit 4 Start diploma; and
  • managed to raise at least EUR 50,000 of private funds within 6 months after the ending of the programme.
Application forms for financial aid will given to the participants who have been selected for the programme.



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