Participating in adult learning courses

Alongside its continuing education courses leading to a diploma, the Department of Adult Education at the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth (MENEJ) also offers general adult learning courses. These courses are in keeping with the policy of lifelong learning, and cover areas such as literacy, basic computer skills, training in various arts and crafts, and courses for the blind or visually impaired. However, a majority of the courses offered relate to language learning.

Who is concerned

All adults, whatever their age, education or nationality, may participate in the general interest learning courses of their choice and corresponding to their skill level.

The courses are intended for all those who wish to expand their knowledge, for either professional or personal reasons, in various social, economic, cultural areas, etc.

How to proceed

Courses on offer

The MENEJ’s Department of Adult Education offers a programme of courses, delivered either directly by the department’s staff or by personnel of Luxembourg municipal administrations or non-profit organisations, for ‘general education and social advancement’.

At the end of these courses, participants will receive a certificate of attendance if they have attended at least 70 % of the sessions. In addition, an individual assessment of acquired knowledge and skills can be delivered on request to any person having received a certificate of attendance.

The following are among the subject areas covered by these courses:

  • literacy;
  • arts and crafts;
  • information and communication technology (ICT);
  • socio-educational concerns and wellbeing;
  • language skills, organised by the National Institute for Languages Luxembourg (INLL) or by the communes;
  • instruction for the blind or visually impaired, with courses delivered at the Institute for the Visually Impaired (Institut pour déficients visuels) in areas such as computer skills, arts and crafts, braille, etc.;
  • and so on.

Courses in vocational retraining and advanced training offered by the MENEJ, professional associations, the communes and certain accredited private organisations fall under the category of continuing vocational training. Second-chance education involves diploma courses preparing adults to take general or technical secondary school exams in order to complete their secondary education, thus opening the door to higher education, if desired.

Within the framework of the law on Luxembourg nationality, applicants for naturalisation must, among other requirements, show a certificate of attendance for Luxembourg citizenship courses. To this end, the Department of Adult Education organises citizenship courses to familiarise foreign-born residents, who often have highly varied backgrounds, with the constitutional principles of Luxembourg and of civic life in the country.


Designed for learners at all levels (beginners, advanced, etc.), the courses are organised by secondary schools, the communes or non-profit organisations and coordinated by the MENEJ’s Department of Adult Education. They normally take place in the evening once or twice a week.

The full list of courses is available in the form of a guide produced by the Department of Adult Education.

To register, interested adults must comply with the stated deadlines and registration procedures for each course.

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