Obtaining a higher-education degree through evening or distance classes

As part of the continuing adult education programmes offered in Luxembourg, there are several courses leading to a university degree.

This means that it is possible to take a university course and study for certain university degrees—Master's degree (Bac + 5 years), or Licence (Bac + 3 years)—while working.

These continuing education courses are offered by:

  • the Luxembourg Lifelong Learning Centre (LLLC), which is the continuing education arm of the Chamber of Employees;
  • the University of Luxembourg;
  • the Luxembourg School of Business.

The LLLC also collaborates with the British distance learning university, Open University.

In the first two cases, students attend courses at the Luxembourg institution but are enrolled with the partner university, which awards the diploma.

Most of these courses are usually held in the evening and/or during the weekends. Some of them are offered as distance courses (correspondence courses). In addition to hours in class, candidates can expect to have about 12 hours of personal work per week.

Who is concerned

Anyone who wishes to obtain a university degree through continuing education, generally while working.

How to proceed

The Luxembourg Lifelong Learning Centre

The Luxembourg Lifelong Learning Centre (LLLC), in partnership with various French universities, offers 8 diplomas at the Licence (Bac + 3 years) or Master's (Bac + 5 years) level, in various business-related fields, that can be obtained through evening classes. The courses are delivered in French, and the admission requirements may vary from one course of study to another.

The LLLC also collaborates with the British distance learning university, Open University, which offers various programmes leading to Bachelor's (Bac +3) and Master's (Bac +5) degrees. These correspondence courses are delivered in English.

Pre-registration for the purpose of receiving the complete application file and to be informed of all the registration procedures can be done online on the LLLC website.

Licence in Management Science

The LLLC offers, in partnership with the Institut d'administration des entreprises (IAE) of the University of Lorraine, a licence in management, which aims to train generalists in management who are rapidly operational and able to access positions of responsibility. The programme provides students with a solid foundation in all disciplines of management sciences while touching on related fields.

Master's in Human Resource Management and Labour Relations

In partnership with the Institut d’Administration des Entreprises (IAE) of Université Panthéon-Assas (Paris 2), the LLLC offers a Master's in Human Resource Management and Labour Relations every two years. The main objective of the course is to train future HR managers. For graduates, career prospects include jobs in management, human resources, and HR assistant functions in organisations of all sizes.

Master's in Marketing and Communication

The Master's in Business Marketing and Communications is offered in partnership with Université Panthéon-Assas (Paris II). The course prepares graduates to progressively assume responsibility in the areas of advertising, promotional, business, global and integrated communications with advertisers, communication consultancy agencies, advertising agencies and marketing research and consulting companies. It is aimed at individuals who are already knowledgeable in the subject and would like to advance their careers within the profession.

Master's in Banking, Finance, Insurance with a major in Investment Funds and Private Banking

In collaboration with Université Paris Ouest – Nanterre La Défense, the LLLC offers a Master's in Banking, Finance, Insurance with a major in Investment Funds and Private Banking. Classes cover such topics as the prudential banking framework, the financial environment, the investment fund industry, wealth management, and private management.

Open University - Distance university studies

The LLLC offers access to a wide range of university courses, at all levels, through distance education in cooperation with Britain's Open University (OU). The university offers various Bachelor's (BAC +3 years) and Master's (BAC +5 years) degree programmes delivered in English via correspondence courses. In Luxembourg, the most popular courses are in the fields of management and computer sciences, which are offered through the Open University Business School.

University of Luxembourg

The University of Luxembourg offers several continuing education professional Master's courses, in which candidates are able to combine studies and professional life.

Students can pursue the University's Bachelor's (Bac + 3 years) and Master's (Bac + 5 years) degree courses on a part-time basis, subject to the approval of a programme of study by the director of studies.

Professional Master's in Gerontology

The Master's in Gerontology is held over 8 semesters and is designed to be taken on a work-study basis. In general, the course consists of 8 sessions per semester, with 6 hours per session.

Professional Master's in Mediation

The Master's in Mediation is an 8-semester course primarily aimed at professionals since there is the option to take it on a work-study basis. First and foremost, it provides students with the theoretical and practical foundations of general mediation and conflict resolution.

Professional Master's in Sustainable Development

The Master's in Sustainable Development is a two-year programme designed for students who want to acquire the knowledge they would need to play an effective role in the environmental approach to energy problems.

The Master's degree is organised in partnership with the University of Liège, Arlon Campus (Master' in Environmental Sciences and Management). Student and lecturer mobility allows for an international approach to energy issues and provides an opportunity to learn foreign languages. The course is organised under an ERASMUS agreement.

Luxembourg School of Business

Master of Business Administration

This MBA course offers majors in finance or management, and takes place during evening classes as well as on Saturdays.

Institut Supérieur de l'Économie (ISEC)

The Institut Supérieur de l'Economie (ISEC), founded by the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and the Luxembourg Chamber of Skilled Trades and Crafts, offers training courses focused on the transmission of skills in business and management, innovation and quality management and project management.

The ISEC thus allows you to prepare:

These courses are offered in cooperation with other higher education establishments, in France and Germany, such as the FOM (Hochschule für Oekonomie und Management) or the ESCP Business School.

Depending on the programme chosen, the courses will be held in the evening and/or during the weekend, in English, French or German.

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