Transmission of salary statements at the end of the employment relationship

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At the end of the working relationship, the employer must complete certain formalities, namely:


The employer and employee must first have terminated their working relationship, whether due to:

How to proceed

Electronic transmission of salary/pension statements

As soon as the working relationship has ended, the employer must electronically transmit the salary/pension statements to the Luxembourg Inland Revenue (Administration des contributions directes - ACD).

The electronic submission of salary/pension statements under the normal tax regime can be made by an intermediary (proxy, fiduciary or other) acting on behalf of the employer. It must be carried out via the platform:

  • either by filing a structured document in XML format of a maximum of 7 MB;
  • or by using the online data input assistant.

A validated LuxTrust product (private or pro) is required to identify the declarant for either type of transmission on

The national identification numbers to indicate are:

  • the national identification numbers from the national directory of natural persons (13-digit identification number, without spaces);
  • or the national identification numbers of legal person (11-digit identification number, without spaces).

The electronic statements must include all salaries paid during the assessment year. A separate statement must be made for each of the employee's country of residence.

Statements sent in paper format to the ACD will no longer be accepted.

The original tax cards must be kept like all other commercial documents for 10 years, in accordance with company law.

Pre-validation platform (or test)

For software editors and other IT services, the ACD provides an online pre-validation platform for XML documents generated or created for testing purposes. It is recommended to follow this pre-validation step before creating files with real data to transmit via

The transmission of data implicates various parties. For any questions, please contact:

  • LuxTrust for questions regarding a Private or Pro product;
  • the helpdesk for questions regarding the transmission application on;
  • your software provider for questions regarding syntaxic and semantic validation errors;
  • the IT division of the ACD for technical questions regarding the document in XML format;
  • for questions regarding taxation, the competent RTS tax office: RTS 1 (Centre), RTS Esch-sur-Alzette (Sud) or RTS Ettelbruck (Nord).

Conditions of transmission

The transmission of statements must:

  • have a unique reference file number per tax year and debtor;
  • contain at least one extract of a salary or pension statement;
  • refer to only one tax year;
  • only contain the statements from one debtor (same number of identification).

Salary and pension data transmissions may:

  • contain the extracts for different employees or retirees of the same debtor (employer);
  • contain initial extracts for salaries and pension contributions as well as annulling extracts.

Account statements must have a unique reference number per tax year and debtor. The time periods in the statements must correspond to the tax year.

In the event that the beneficiary changes his country of residence during the year, it is necessary to create 2 separate statements.

Who to contact

Luxembourg Inland Revenue (ACD)

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