Candidacy for the Chamber of Commerce

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The composition of the plenary assembly of the Chamber of Commerce is renewed every 5 years.

The Chamber of Commerce comprises 25 regular members and 25 substitute members divided into 6 electoral groups.

Who is concerned?

Voters must have reached the age of 18 by the close of polling day (21 March 2024).

The following are excluded from the electorate and from standing for election:

  • anyone who has been convicted of criminal offences;
  • people who, for lesser offences, have been stripped of the right to vote;
  • anyone who has been sentenced for bankruptcy or who are bankrupt;


On 12 January 2024, the electoral office will publish a notice stating the dates, times and locations where it will be accepting the candidate proposals and statements from any witnesses who may be present at the electoral office during the proceedings.

The deadline for submitting applications is 18.00 on 5 February 2024. Proposals of candidates that are submitted after the deadline are automatically disqualified.

How to proceed

Proposal of candidate(s)

A proposal of candidate(s) may not include a number of candidates that is greater than the number of regular and substitute delegates to be elected. Independent candidates are considered as constituting a candidate proposal in its own right.

The proposal of candidate(s) must state:

  • the group in which the candidate(s) appear(s);
  • their surnames and names;
  • their profession;
  • their home address;
  • their date of birth;
  • the candidates' signatures;
  • the name of the delegating company for legal persons.

Married persons may add their spouse's name to their own name as follows: 'Annette MEYER épouse MÜLLER'.

In addition, nicknames must be worded as follows: 'Joseph dit Jupp MEYER'.

Any incorrect entries will be rejected upon submission of the proposals.

Candidacies may only be submitted for the electoral group to which the candidate belongs.

Candidates may appear on only one list.

The proposal of candidate(s) can be submitted to the electoral office:

  • in person by one of the candidates; or
  • by a proxy holding a power of attorney.

The forms required to propose candidate(s) will be available from the electoral office or on this page from 12 January 2024 (see 'Online services and forms').

Supporting documents

The proposal of candidates is accompanied by the declaration of acceptance of candidacy signed by all candidates, stating that they agree to run in the electoral group in question.

Declaration of candidacy

All candidacies must be declared at the electoral office during its scheduled opening hours.

The candidate/proxy may appoint a witness who can be present at electoral office during the proceedings.

The electoral office registers the proposals in the order in which they are submitted and issues a receipt.

Withdrawal of candidacy

Candidates who wish to withdraw their candidacy must notify the electoral office of their intention to do so before the expiry of the deadline set for the submission of candidate proposals ( 18.00 on 5 February 2024).

This notice must be served by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.


If the number:

  • of candidates in a group does not exceed that of the regular members and substitute members to be elected in this group; or
  • of candidates proposed is less than the number of regular members and substitute members to be elected in this group,

these candidates are declared elected by the chairman of the electoral board without further formality, provided however, that for this group only one proposal of candidates has been submitted and that this proposal expressly designates:

  • on the one hand, the regular members; and
  • on the other hand, the substitute members in the order in which they are to replace the regular members.

If only one proposal of candidates has been submitted for an electoral group and this proposal does not present a sufficient number of candidates to be elected, the total number of elected members, as well as the number of delegates provided for this electoral group, is reduced accordingly.

In the event that no proposal of candidates has been submitted for one or more electoral groups, new elections will be held for these group(s) after the plenary assembly has been constituted and at the latest after 6 months.

Online services and forms

Who to contact

Electoral office (Elections for the Chamber of Commerce)

  • Ministry of the Economy Electoral office (Elections for the Chamber of Commerce)


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