Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce ( Chambre de Commerce) is a public institution which brings together all businesses, apart from those in the agriculture and crafts sectors, which have their own professional chambers. In the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, all natural persons, commercial companies and branches of foreign businesses located in Luxembourg, which carry out a commercial, financial or manufacturing activity, must become affiliated to the Chamber of Commerce.

The Plenary Assembly of the Chamber of Commerce covers all the economic sectors in Luxembourg (excluding the crafts and agriculture sectors):

  • trade and other commercial activities;
  • financial holding companies;
  • industry, SMIs and SMEs;
  • agricultural credit cooperatives and other financial activities;
  • insurance companies;
  • hotels, cafés and catering businesses.

The Chamber of Commerce looks after the interests of Luxembourg businesses and has the following roles:

  • promoting general economic interests;
  • acting as an independent spokesperson for the market economy and a critical partner in the field of national, European and international policies;
  • intervening in the legislative procedure;
  • providing services to businesses and to the public.

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