Enrolling for supplementary insurance

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In some cases, for example in the case of healthcare delivered abroad, it may be advisable for persons enrolled with the Luxembourg health insurance fund to also take out supplementary insurance.

Such insurance, still called mutual insurance, allows for the reimbursement, under certain conditions, of any difference between the expenses incurred by the insured individual and the reimbursement received from the Luxembourg health insurance fund for those expenses.

Who is concerned

Any person enrolled with the Luxembourg Joint Social Security Centre (Centre commun de la sécurité sociale - CCSS), as a resident or non-resident, and who wishes to obtain supplementary reimbursement for their healthcare expenses.


To receive supplementary insurance benefits, applicants must be validly enrolled with the CCSS. Additionally, applicants must have taken out supplementary insurance with an agency that covers health insurance expenses in Luxembourg. In some cases, the insured must have been enrolled with the supplementary insurance scheme for a certain period of time in order to be able to request reimbursement of healthcare expenses.

How to proceed

The health insurance fund will reimburse only a part of the healthcare expenses. Without supplementary insurance, the difference between expenses incurred and those reimbursed by the health insurance fund, as well as fee premiums, will have to be borne by the insured individual.

Enrolment for supplementary insurance allows insured individuals to receive supplementary reimbursement of their expenses for:

  • hospital stays;
  • internal and external prostheses;
  • assistance;
  • certain dental care procedures and prostheses;
  • healthcare delivered abroad (unplanned or planned care);
  • supplementary medical and medical-dental fees;
  • "soft" medicine (for example: osteopathy), etc.

Individuals insured with the CCSS interested in enrolling for supplementary insurance can contact different insurance providers.

These insurance companies offer various benefits adapted to different categories of individuals (residents, cross-border workers, students, etc.)

Supplementary insurance policies catering to specific professional groups also exist. The contact details of state-recognised mutual insurance companies are available on the website of the Medical-Surgical Fund (Caisse médico-chirurgicale mutualiste).

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