Applying for a basic and a Qualité+ subsidy for approved sports clubs

Sports clubs affiliated to an approved sports federation may apply for financial support in the form of a basic subsidy and an additional subsidy, known as the 'Qualité+ subsidy', which is reserved for clubs offering high-quality sports training for children.

Interested clubs must lodge their application for the subsidy with the Ministry of Sport, exclusively through

Who is concerned

Sports clubs affiliated to one of the sports federations approved by the Minister of Sport can apply for the subsidy.


To be able to apply for the basic subsidy, the sports club must:

  • be affiliated to an approved sports federation;
  • be involved in a competitive sport;
  • have been offering a sporting activity for at least one full season;
  • have on their staff at least one young licensed club member under the age of 16, and at least one trainer with an EQF3 (European Qualifications Framework) qualification corresponding to C-level training at the national or higher level.

To qualify for the Qualité+ subsidy, the sports club must also fulfil the following conditions:

  • the children must be under 16 years of age on 31 December in the year of the application, and hold a licence or certificate proving that they belong to the applicant club;
  • at least half the people training the children must hold:
    • either an "EQF2 bis"-level training qualification or higher;
    • or a qualification or training recognised as equivalent by the ENEPS ("EQF2 bis" pretraining organised by the federations in question, and Master's degrees in sport sciences are recognised as equivalent by the ENEPS);
    • the other trainers must:
      • have completed preliminary federal training (e.g. Kinderfussball) in preparation for C-level trainer training corresponding to levels EQF1 or EQF2; or
      • for individuals who have worked as an unqualified trainer for at least 10 years: have had their experience validated and certified; or
      • for sportspeople with at least 10 years of active history in the sport: have completed 8 hours of teacher training (learning and teaching module); or
      • for individuals working as teachers or educators at any level: have completed 8 hours of training on the specific features of sport (session-planning module).

Preliminary steps

Before they can apply for the subsidy, sports clubs must set up a business eSpace on


The club must file the application for the subsidy no later than 30 September of the year for which the application is sought.

How to proceed

Filing an application

To obtain the subsidy, applicants must file their application through, attaching the following documents:

  • a bank account identification document from the applying club;
  • a proof of diploma for each trainer. If the trainers are in the process of obtaining their diplomas at the time of the application, the applicant will have until March of the following year to submit the certificate;
  • any other document deemed necessary for the administration to assess the application.

Amount of subsidy

The basic subsidy is calculated on the basis of 3 criteria:

  • the number of licensed club members, regardless of their age;
  • the trainers' qualifications;
  • volunteer work.

The amount of the basic subsidy allotted to each club depends on the outcome of the assessment of the 3 criteria mentioned above, and on the number of applications.

The Qualité+ subsidy is in the amount of EUR 150 for each child fulfilling the awarding conditions.

If the same child is a member of several clubs for different sports, the amount is divided by the number of clubs in question, up to 3 different clubs.

No one child may be a member of several clubs for the same sport.

Repayment of the subsidy

If the subsidy was obtained on the basis of fraudulent information, the club must repay the subsidy and may not re-apply for it for 2 years.

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