Requesting a free and neutral basic energy advice on energy efficiency, sustainable housing and renewable energy

Luxembourg has set up "myenergy", a national structure whose role is to be a partner and public reference facilitator to mobilize and support Luxembourg's society towards a rational and sustainable use of energy.

myenergy is structured as a public interest economic group (groupement d'intérêt économique - GIE). The membres of the group are the Luxembourg State, the Order of Architects and Consulting Engineers and the Chamber of Skilled Trades and Crafts.

The group's activities target:

  • the reduction of energy consumption;
  • the promotion of renewable energies;
  • sustainable construction and housing;

while contributing to the national economic development.

myenergy acts as a partner for all energy consumers and supports them in their efforts for a rational and sustainable use of energy.

myenergy also acts as a facilitator for energy-related sectors and aims to contribute to tailored solutions that promote a more rational and sustainable energy use.

myenergy intends to valorize the insights gained through behaviour analysis of different consumer groups and energy actors and support the national policies of the sectors concerned.

Who is concerned

myenergy offers its consulting services to individuals, municipalities and communes as well as experts in the field of energy and construction.


Thanks to its team of energy consultants, myenergy is able to offer a basic consultation service, free of charge, to private individuals seeking information on the following topics:

  • sustainable energy renovation of existing homes;
  • the construction of new sustainable dwellings;
  • promotion of renewable energy sources (solar, photovoltaic, and wood heating, heat pumps, etc.);
  • day-to-day energy savings;
  • the energy performance certificate;
  • sustainable mobility;
  • the terms of available state financial aids (PRIMe House, low-rate and zero-rate climate loans, LENOZ certification);
  • the various aid available from municipalities and third parties.
It is possible to make an appointment with a myenergy advisor to receive basic advice on sustainable energy, construction and mobility. This basic advice is funded by myenergy and the communes.

How to proceed

A home visit (or an appointment in the premises of myenergy) from a myenergy advisor can address some of the steps that need to be taken, including available financial help, before making decisions on a renovation or sustainable construction project.

Thanks to the personalized basic advice, it is possible to approach personal questions and projects, and be guided through the array of services and techniques available that correspond to these specific needs.

Anyone who wishes to arrange a personalised consultation may contact myenergy directly either:

  • by dialling the toll-free number 8002 11 90, from Monday to Friday, 08.00 to 12.00 and 14.00 to 17.00 (except on public holidays);
  • by using the form on;
  • by making an appointment with a myenergy infopoint, a basic energy advice proposed in collaboration with the municipality of residence. This service is offered at home or in the commune's office.  

Who to contact

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