Application for parental consent

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Minors who are travelling abroad unaccompanied by their parents must, in addition to a valid identity document, carry proof of parental consent.

The certificate is issued by the population office of the child's commune of residence.

Who is concerned

The person with parental authority over the child (father, mother or legal guardian) can apply for the parental consent certificate.


The issue of the parental consent certificate is subject to the payment of a tax. This chancellery tax must be paid to the communal administration.

How to proceed

Filing an application

The person with parental authority must go to the population office in their commune of residence. The following information must be provided:

  • the child's departure and return dates;
  • their travel destination (country and city);
  • the name of the accompanying person (who must be an adult person).
One of the parents is required to present themself in person to the population office because their signature must be witnessed and authenticated.

The child must keep this certificate of consent on their person and produce it whenever requested, along with their identity card or other ID document.

Supporting documents

The person with parental authority must sign a form of consent and present a valid ID.

Who to contact

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