Registering as a student working towards an advanced technician's certificate (brevet de technicien supérieur – BTS)

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The BTS programme is a 2-year higher-education programme which takes place after the baccalaureat ('bac'). The BTS is issued at the end of specialised studies, including internships at a company or at institutions in the area of training.

The BTS aims to provide candidates with higher professional development training in their speciality, to prepare them to enter the world of work: the training mainly focuses on the acquisition of vocational and technological skills in the administrative, commercial, artistic and technical areas.

Who is concerned

This type of training programme is aimed at persons of at least 18 years of age seeking to quickly work towards a professional qualification.


Students are admitted on the basis of their applications. The organising institution takes account of experience and professional skills, and may require an applicant to complete a bridging course or an entrance exam.


As concerns the Lycée technique Ecole de commerce et gestion (LTECG – Business and Management Technical College), applications must be submitted no later than mid-July. For the Lycée technique des Arts et Métiers (LTAM – Arts and Industry Technical College), the registration deadline is set for 1 September.

How to proceed

The various sections

The training areas included in the various BTS paths and specialities are as follows:

Business and management

The LTECG offers a specialist course in:

  • marketing – international trade;
  • accounting – business management;
  • secretarial – office equipment.


The LTAM offers a specialist course in the following professions:

  • animation drawing;
  • media operation.

Health professions

The Lycée technique pour professions de santé (LTPS) offers studies in the specialisation areas of nursing, culminating in a specialised BTS:

  • paediatric nursing;
  • psychiatric nursing;
  • anaesthetist nursing;
  • midwifery;
  • surgical technical assistance.


In this area, the LTAM offers a specialisation in:

LJBM offers a training programme for the profession of:

  • works foreman.

LTE offers a BTS in:


LTAM offers a specialisation in:

Terms of registration and admission

Application file

Students must complete a form which is generally available as of April, which they can obtain:

  • from the school secretary;
  • by telephone;
  • for the Business/Management programme, it can be downloaded from the LTECG website.

Applications must be submitted to the secondary school by mid-July at the latest, by post or directly to the secretary's office (exact date for submission will be noted on the form, or may be confirmed with the secretary).

Components of the application

The application contains:

  • a photo (passport format) with the applicant's surname on the back;
  • a photocopy of the applicant's ID card or passport;
  • true certified photocopies of the report cards for the last 3 years of secondary school;
  • bac transcript;
  • certified photocopies of diplomas;
  • cover letter (indicating the main reasons for applying for a BTS programme, the disciplines of interest and career plans).

For students from a non EU Member State, the application must also contain:

  • recognition of the secondary school diploma by the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth (ministère de l'Education nationale, de l'Enfance et de la Jeunesse);
  • authorisation to reside in Luxembourg issued by the Ministry of Justice of Luxembourg (Ministère de la Justice du Luxembourg).

Admission procedure

Once the file is assessed, the candidate is either accepted, rejected or placed on a waiting list. The applicant will be informed of the decision by the end of July.

Any applicant who is declared admissible must confirm their acceptance or declare their withdrawal by the beginning of September at the latest (deadline to be confirmed with the secretary's office).

Admission tests for the 'Animation Drawing' BTS programme

Admission to the 'Arts' pathway is subject to an entrance exam. After having returned the application pack by mid-July, applicants will be contacted again at the end of July by the secondary school secretary, to inform them of the precise dates of the entrance exams.

They take place in mid-September, are spread over 2 or 3 days and are split into 2 parts:

  • practical drawing portion;
  • interview portion on reasons for application, with presentation of the personal portfolio.

These 2 parts are run over 2 or 3 days depending on the number of candidates. The results are published immediately at the end of the tests and are then posted. Classes start at the beginning of October.

Competitive exam for admission to the 'Technical Engineering' BTS programme

If the number of valid applications submitted exceeds the number of available places, candidates must take a competitive exam.

Specific nature of the 'Media Operator' programme

The media operator training programme is organised as an alternating work-study programme:

  • 1st year of training: 2 quarters are devoted to theoretical training and one quarter consists of on-the-job training;
  • 2nd year of training: the theoretical/practical proportions are reversed; 1 quarter is devoted to theoretical training, and 2 quarters consist of on-the-job training.

Consequently, a student who wishes to pursue this training must first sign a practical training contract with a company authorised to provide this type of training (i.e. one of the 46 businesses that belong to the Association of Master Printers of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (Association des maîtres imprimeurs du Grand-Duché de LuxembourgAMIL).

Once this practical training contract has been signed by both parties, the candidate can directly register as of September with the LTAM secretary's office for the theoretical part (by submitting a copy of the contract, but without a registration form). Courses begin on 1 October.

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