Signing an internship contract or agreement

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Schools and higher education establishments are increasingly incorporating training placements (internships) into their educational programmes. It enables pupils or students to discover professional work environments and to acquire their first work experience.

The work to be performed during an internship is predominantly educational in nature.

Who is concerned

The internship contract or agreement is signed by:

  • the employer or the internship supervisor that will assist the intern within the host company;
  • the intern wishing to do a internship as part of their school programme or a voluntary internship outside of the school curriculum;
  • where applicable, the tutor – i.e. the teacher monitoring the student's progress throughout the internship, based at the school or higher education establishment .

How to proceed


Before starting their internship, the pupil or student must first have signed:

  • an internship agreement if the internship is part of their school programme;
  • an internship contract if it is a voluntary internship outside the framework of a teaching establishment. 
The teaching establishment or school can generally provide a standard form for the internship agreement.


There is no obligation to pay the intern, and any remuneration is at the employer's discretion. There is no minimum or maximum legal amount.

Social protection

The intern must be covered for accident risk. The procedures for enrolment in health insurance, in order to qualify for benefits in kind, reimbursement for medication or coverage of hospitalisation expenses depend on the type of internship and the intern's personal situation.

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