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In addition to the identical basic education provided to all students between the ages of 4 and 12, specific scholastic support is available in school under the responsibility of the communes for children with special needs:

  • educational support during or after school hours for students with learning difficulties;

  • supervised study (or help with homework), provided by some communes after school hours, at which attendance is optional;

  • reception classes for children arriving in Luxembourg during the school year.

Who is concerned

Children from 4 to 12 years of age who experience difficulties in managing the usual school schedule may obtain school support in the form of homework help or inclusion in a special education or support class.

How to proceed

Educational support and differentiation

Primary education requires cooperation among teachers at the same level, so that they can adapt their teaching to their students' needs. This is known as 'differentiation'. For example, additional help, called educational support, may be provided to students experiencing difficulties: it may be provided individually by the teacher or to a group of students having similar difficulties, during or after school hours.

For specific needs such as dyslexia, hyperactivity or physical disability, the educational team will seek the assistance of the specialists in the multi-disciplinary team (which comprises primary teachers, special education workers and Speech Therapy Centre staff).

The necessary support will be allocated by a commission, known as the School Inclusion Commission, whose members include a district inspector, experts from the multi-disciplinary team, and, if necessary, a doctor and a social worker.

In the case of learning difficulties, a level may be prolonged by one year. If it becomes clear that a student is unable to acquire the basic skills needed within 2 years, an adapted programme spread over 3 years is established by the teaching staff. In these cases, children are not just held back a year, but receive education specially suited to their learning needs.

Supervised study (homework help)

A supervised study or homework help service is offered as an option by some communes beginning in the 3rd class, under the responsibility of the classroom teacher. Times may vary from school to school. The homework help takes place after school hours.

Registration forms are distributed by teachers at the beginning of the school year and contain all the practical information. The form must be signed by a parent or guardian and returned to the classroom teacher, either by hand or by post, generally by the end of September. Registration is valid for the entire year.

Depending on the commune, this scholastic support service may require payment (either of a one-time fee or a per-session fee).

Who to contact

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