Requesting support at school for basic education

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In addition to the identical basic education provided to all pupils between the ages of 4 and 12, specific scholastic support is available in school for children with special needs:

  • educational support during or after school hours for students with learning difficulties;

  • supervised study (or help with homework), provided by some communes after school hours, at which attendance is optional;

  • reception training and classes for foreign and new children arriving in Luxembourg during the school year. In the reception classes, the choice of the languages to teach as well as the follow-up on the languages are decided in accordance with the age of the child and its language skills, the languages known by the parents and the closeness of the child's mother tongue with the first foreign language taught in class.

Who is concerned?

Children in basic education with difficulties in keeping up with the normal pace in class can obtain support in the form of homework help or integration in a special education or support class.

How to proceed

Educational support and differentiation

Basic education requires cooperation among teachers who are teaching in the same cycle, so that they can adapt their teaching to their pupils' needs.

This is known as 'differentiation'. For example, additional help, called educational support, may be provided to pupils experiencing difficulties: it may be provided individually by the teacher or to a group of pupils having similar difficulties, during or after school hours.

Supervised study (homework help)

A supervised study or homework help service is offered as an option by some communes under the responsibility of the class teacher (the hours may vary from school to school). The homework help service takes place after school hours.

Registration forms with all the practical information are distributed by the class teacher at the beginning of the school year. The form must be signed by a parent or legal guardian and returned to the class teacher (either in person or by post), generally before the end of September. Registration is valid for the entire year.

Depending on the commune, this scholastic support service may be charged.

Reception courses and classes

Newly arrived children between 4 and 5 years of age are integrated in level 1, where they will be taught the Luxembourgish language.

Children between 6 and 11 years of age are integrated in a form class (level 2 to 4) depending on their age, their acquired knowledge (in accordance with the assessments in their country of origin) and the test results obtained in mathematics and in their mother tongue. They will be taught Luxembourgish, German and French and will be enrolled in reception courses.   

Extension of the duration of a school level

In the case of learning difficulties, a level may be extended by one year.

If it is obvious that a child is unable to acquire the required core skills in 2 years, an adapted programme covering a period of 3 years is established by the teaching staff. In these cases, children are not merely held back a year, but receive education adapted to their learning needs.

Who to contact

Department of Primary Education

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