gets a makeover

Last update

5 years after its last makeover, the information portal is getting a facelift with:

  • visual changes; and
  • additional new features.

Based on feedback from the portal's users, the Government IT Centre (CTIE) has reworked the design and layout of:

  • the home page;
  • the presentation of the procedures; and
  • the web page navigation.

The design is refined, and you can adjust various accessibility settings (such as contrast and line spacing) using the new settings button in the header bar.

A selection of spotlighted procedures:  

  • can be accessed directly from the home page; and
  • provide quick access to the most popular information at a given time.

In addition, a 'Log in' button in the header bar gives users immediate access to their eSpace from any page.

When consulting a procedure, you can now see at the top of the page whether there is an online procedure or form for the procedure you are consulting.

The themes of the information pages have also been completely revised to help you find the information you are looking for more easily. In addition, web page navigation on the portal has been reworked to adapt to the 1,988 descriptions of procedures.

Another important aspect of the redesign is the addition of a new section bringing together all the texts in easy-to-read (in French) and Leichte Sprache (in German). The presentation of information in easy-to-read:

  • makes it easier to understand administrative texts; and
  • is particularly useful for people with disabilities, dyslexia, elderly people or people with a poor command of the language.

For this reason, the creation of a section on procedures available in easy-to-read: