Diamonds and other precious stones - Import license

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Operators who intend to import diamonds and other precious stones to Luxembourg must have an import license.

In Luxembourg, these import authorisations (called licences) are issued by the Licensing Office (Office des Licences) on behalf of the Commission administrative belgo-luxembourgeoise (CABL).

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Carry out your procedure:

Who is concerned

Any operator (natural person or legal person) must apply for a license if he wishes to import the following to the European Union (EU):

  • either rough diamonds;
  • or diamonds (other than rough diamonds), precious or synthetic stones.

Rough diamonds

Retail trade of rough diamonds is only allowed between countries participating in the Kimberley Process (KP). All the Member States of the European Union are members of the Kimberley Process. The Process aims to guarantee that diamonds are not used to finance armed conflicts ('conflict diamonds' or 'blood diamonds').

In Luxembourg, the Diamond Office controls every single diamond before issuing a Kimberley certificate which is needed to obtain an import license.

Following this, the Licensing Office will issue the licenses required to import rough diamonds.

The rough diamonds concerned are only those whose customs tariff classification number (Combined Nomenclature code) is one of the following:

CN codes for rough diamonds

Diamonds, unworked or simply sawn, cleaved or bruted

7102 1000

7102 2100

7102 3100

Diamonds (other than rough diamonds), precious or synthetic stones

The only rough diamonds requiring a licence for their import into Luxembourg or their export out of Luxembourg are rough diamonds falling under the customs tariff codes 7102.10, 7102.21 and 7102.31, as indicated in the below chapter "Rough diamonds".

Diamonds (other than rough diamonds), precious or synthetic stones falling under the customs tariff codes 7102 2900, 7102 3900, 7103 1000, 7103 9100, 7103 9900, 7104 1000, 7104 2000, 7104 9000, 7105 1000 or 7105 9000 are no longer subject to an import licence. In fact, because Council Regulation (EC) No 2368/2002 of 20 December 2002 implementing the Kimberley Process certification scheme for the international trade in rough diamonds immediately enters into force, the Licensing Office no longer applies the provisions on rough diamonds stipulated in the amended Grand Ducal regulations of 15 January 1996 with respect to their import and of 2 May 1997 with respect to their export.


Before applying for a license, the applicant has to know the precise tariff classification of goods (CN, TARIC) of the goods concerned.

The operator can find this information:

Duration and deadlines

Import licenses are normally issued within 3 working days provided the application file is complete.

In principle, the licenses are valid for several imports, provided the quantities indicated in the license are not exceeded. The validity period of the license depends on the transactions and does normally not exceed a period of 4 months maximum.

How to proceed

Rough diamonds

In order to importrough diamonds to Luxembourg, the importer has to:

  • declare the carat weight, quality, origin or provenance of the diamonds to the Diamond Office;
  • send the following for control and certification purposes by the experts authorised by the Diamond Office:
    • the diamonds, in their sealed tamper-resistant containers as packaged by the exporting authorities who participate in the Kimberley Process;
    • the Kimberley Process certificate (KP certificate) established by the authorities in the country of origin of the diamonds and sent to the importer together with the diamonds.

The Diamond Office issues a validated KP certificate to the importer which must be kept for 3 years together with the copy of the invoice.

German operators may, if they so wish, use the services of the Hauptzollamt Koblenz, Zollamt Idar-Oberstein, instead of the Diamond Office.

The operator must then:

In the event of justified emergency, the application for an import license may be submitted by email. In this case, the original application file must be submitted at the time the import license is collected.

Diamonds (other than rough diamonds), precious or synthetic stones

In order to import diamonds (other than rough diamonds), precious and synthetic stones to Luxembourg, the importer must send the following to the Licensing Office:

In the event of justified emergency, the application for an import license may be submitted by email. In this case, the original application file must be submitted at the time the import license is collected.

Using the license

The operator must present the license to the customs at the time of the import declaration for the goods concerned.

The customs office will stamp the license and:

  • return it to the operator if the indicated quantities have not yet been used up;
  • or send it back to the Licensing Office if the quantities have been used up or if the validity date has expired.

The operator must send his licenses back to the Licensing Office:

  • when the planned transactions have been concluded;
  • or within 10 days after the end of their validity date (even if they have not been used or only partially used).

Who to contact

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