Fit 4 Sustainability programme

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This support and co-financing programme offers businesses the possibility of having an environmental impact assessment carried out on their activities, followed by various recommendations for reducing the environmental impact.

The aid is granted in the form of a capital subsidy.

Who is concerned?

Businesses concerned

This programme is aimed at all businesses that have their registered office in Luxembourg and carry out an economic activity as their main activity.

Eligible costs

Only the costs for the assessment conducted by the consultant(s) are eligible. Luxinnovation will ensure that the cost estimate(s) provided by the consultant(s) are compliant with the objectives of the programme.


Businesses will have to meet the general terms and conditions for state aid.

How to proceed


The programme is divided into 2 phases.

1. Diagnostic phase

This phase lasts a maximum of 6 months and gives anoverview of the situation of the applicant business, in particular on:

  • decarbonisation (carbon footprint, energy audit);
  • water (consumption, wastewater pollution) ;
  • circularity (product life cycle assessment) ;

based on applicable standards and regulations.

The assessment will be completed by a list of the different measures that could be implemented, in accordance with their ease of implementation, in order to reduce the company's environmental impact, not only in terms of investment but also in terms of processes and organisation.

Ease of implementation means:

  • immediate measures that do not require investment;
  • short-term measures with a very quick return on investment;
  • medium-term measures whose investments are eligible for state aid.

The conclusions of the consultant's assessment must mention:

  • the legal basis of the proposed aid scheme;
  • the detailed technical description of the proposed solution(s);
  • the list of required permits (operating permit, building permit, etc.);
  • the environmental impact assessment of the proposed solution;
  • the assessment of the cost-effectiveness of the solution over its expected lifetime;
  • the running costs of the proposed solution (fuel, annual electricity consumption, annual operating costs, etc.);
  • the forecast of running costs over the expected lifetime;
  • discount rates, depreciation period, residual values of investments;
  • for investments planned for the medium or long term: the costs of a counterfactual investment and the running costs (investment based on a standard technology that would have been made in the absence of state aid).

Mandatory energy audits for large companies are not supported during the Fit 4 Sustainability diagnostic phase.

2. Implementation phase

During the implementation phase, the applicant can choose to implement the recommendations from the diagnostic phase. If necessary, this phase may be the subject of a new application for investment aid depending on the conclusions of the diagnostic phase.

Submitting the application

Applicants state their interest in participating in the programme by registering on the Luxinnovation platform. Following a pre-analysis of their needs, Luxinnovation will put them in contact with the appropriate consultant(s).

A cost estimate will be drawn up by the consultant and submitted to Luxinnovation, which will ensure that it complies with the programme and issue a Luxinnovation certificate that must be attached to the co-financing application together with the cost estimate.

Applicants submit their application for co-financing of the diagnostic phase of the programme via an online assistant available on

The person submitting the application (the applicants themselves or their representatives) must have a LuxTrust product (e.g. Token, Smartcard or Signing stick) or an electronic identity card.

The application must be submitted before the start of the work, i.e. before the first legally binding order is placed.

How to create a business eSpace on

There are 2 possible scenarios:

  1. The person submitting the application is a new user of They must:
    • first register on; and
    • then create a business eSpace.
  2. The person submitting the application already has a private eSpace on They can directly create a business eSpace without having to register again.

Further information as well as tutorials in relation with the business eSpace are available in our dedicated help page.

Maximum amount of financial aid

The amount of aid may not be less than EUR 1,000. The amount of aid will be calculated on the basis of the eligible costs of the assessment and cannot exceed 50 % of allowable costs.

The maximum amount of aid may be increased by 10 % for medium-sized businesses and by 20 % for small businesses.

To be considered for co-financing, the eligible costs must be at least:

  • small business: EUR 7,500;
  • medium-sized business: EUR 10,000;
  • large business: EUR 20,000.

The following ceilings will be applied to the selected eligible costs:

  • small business: EUR 50,000;
  • medium-sized business: EUR 100,000;
  • large business: EUR 200,000.

Payment of the aid

The aid will be paid at the end of the diagnostic phase. The following documents must be submitted with the payment claim procedure:

  • the invoice(s) of the consultant(s);
  • proof(s) of payment;
  • the full diagnostic (assessment).

The application for payment of the aid is to be submitted using the online assistant available on This can be done in 2 different ways:

  1. in a detailed manner, where each individual cost is reported: to be used when submitting up to 10 invoices; or
  2. by providing a summary statement of costs, where the total for each type of cost is reported: to be used when submitting more than 10 invoices.

Details of the documents to be provided for both cost reporting options can be found under 'Documents to enclose with the application for payment' (Pièces à joindre à la démarche en ligne de demande de paiement) (see Online services / Forms).

The person submitting the payment application (the applicants themselves or their representatives) must have a LuxTrust product (e.g. Token, Smartcard or Signing Stick) or an electronic identity card (eID).

Online services and forms

Who to contact

General Directorate for Industry, new Technology and Research


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