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The House of Entrepreneurship is a single point of contact that provides businesses and project owners with information and support on business-related issues.

The House of Entrepreneurship open from Monday to Friday, from 8.30 to 12.00 (noon), and from 13.00 to 17.00.

To ensure that clients are assisted in the best possible conditions, businesses and entrepreneurs are asked to make an appointment in advance.

To obtain initial information on a business start-up or takeover project, the Info Point is available to all business creators at 3 different sites. In order to make an appointment with an advisor at one of these 3 sites, please click here for more information.

Who is concerned?

The House of Entrepreneurship caters both to individuals who wish to become self-employed and to businesses that are already up and running. Potential beneficiaries of its services include:

  • start-up entrepreneurs seeking support in bringing their business creation project to fruition, from preparation of initial paperwork through to follow-up on the business permit application process;
  • established businesses requiring assistance with:
    • various administrative procedures as part of their move into international markets;
    • growing their business;
    • the digitalisation of their business processes and the implementation of digital tools;
    • business takeovers and transfers;
    • securing bank guarantees, and information on state aid.

All the services provided by the House of Entrepreneurship are free of charge.

It is not necessary to be affiliated with the Chamber of Commerce to make use of its services.

How to proceed

Assistance – from project stage to start-up of business

With the House of Entrepreneurship's support, provided by advisors with extensive hands-on experience, formalities are completed quickly and efficiently.

The House of Entrepreneurship assists start-up businesses with:

  • networking with partners that are relevant to their project;
  • preparing and submitting applications for business permits;
  • registering with the Trade and Companies Register (Registre du commerce et des sociétés);
  • obtaining European certificates (certificates issued by the Chamber of Commerce, and recognised throughout the European Union, attesting to the conduct of business activities in Luxembourg, etc.).

Assistance – day-to-day management of the business

The House of Entrepreneurship provides businesses with personalised legal and financial advice and assistance, including:

  • advice and assistance in matters relating to the authorisation of establishment, public grants and financing, and direct and indirect taxation;
  • advice and assistance in matters relating to business transfers (through the 'business exchange', bourse d'entreprises);
  • provision of numerous sources of information;
  • provision of sureties (through the Mutualité de cautionnement et d'aide au commerçants).

Additionally, House of Entrepreneurship advisors can educate and provide clients with preliminary information and useful advice on commercial, social and legal matters.

They have extensive, in-depth experience in matters regarding:

  • the authorisation of establishment;
  • labour law (employment contracts, dismissal procedures, working hours, leave, occupational health and safety, etc.);
  • civil law (contracts, commercial leases, etc.);
  • commercial law (bankruptcy, commercial obligations, etc.);
  • company law;
  • tax law (direct tax and VAT);
  • unfair competition (sales promotions, clearance sales, advertising, etc.);
  • social security;
  • intellectual property;
  • public procurement, etc.

Assistance – export and trade

The House of Entrepreneurship is also a partner of choice for matters concerning the export of goods, from the traceability of products to the securing of trade. In this respect, its services include:

  • the issuing of certificates of origin: export activities require that the origin of exported goods be attested to by a certificate of origin, which must accompany the goods. In Luxembourg, the House of Entrepreneurship is authorised to authenticate businesses' certificates of origin;
  • the legalisation of documents: the Chamber of Commerce is authorised to certify that the signature appended by a business on a document has been duly authorised by the business in question; the signature is registered with the Chamber of Commerce's 'signature registry';
  • the issuing of ATA carnets for customs clearance of temporary exports: for temporary export operations, the goods remain the property of the shipper and are destined to return to the country of departure, in the same condition, without the requirement to pay duty and taxes in the country of temporary admission. The ATA carnet is a 'passport for goods' used to simplify customs operations and reduce costs;
  • the issuing of LuxTrust digital certificates: to maximise opportunities for electronic commerce from the standpoint of effectiveness and efficiency, it is vital to ensure the confidentiality and authentication of transactions. To secure online transactions, the Chamber of Commerce issues 'digital certificates' that are used to authenticate a person's or a business's identity during electronic transactions, and to preserve the integrity of user data. A digital certificate can be likened to an electronic ID card than is used to encrypt and sign the information to transmit;
  • EAN/GS1 barcodes: consumers and supply-chain operators make use of 'GS1 barcodes' to uniquely identify locations and physical objects, thereby simplifying daily transactions.

Who to contact

House of Entrepreneurship

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