The SuperDrecksKescht initiative was launched by the Luxembourg State within the framework of its duties in terms of waste management. It falls under the responsibility of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure and is organised together with the local communes, the Chamber of Trades and the Chamber of Commerce.

The objectives of the SuperDrecksKëscht are:

  • dispose or recycle problematic waste from households;
  • offer assistance and advice to support businesses and establishments from the public and private sector in setting up an ecological waste management plan;
  • promote ecological waste management through publicity and awareness campaigns;
  • organise the collection of small amounts of waste from businesses and public or private establishments;
  • storage, treatment and conditioning of problematic waste and the management of the storage premises concerned.
The activities of the SuperDrecksKëscht are approved by the European Commission which awarded a 'Best Practices' label for its positive impact on natural resources and climate protection.


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