Environment Agency


The Environment Agency (Administration de l'environnement) serves society by ensuring a high level of environmental protection and the quality of life for men and women in their environment.

It provides aid to political decisions and watches over the application of environmental legislation. It oversees all human activities which have an impact on the environment and monitors and evaluates the state of the environement. The Environment Agency also promotes the best green practices and encourages sustainable innovation.

Together with the Nature and Forest Agency and the Water Management Agency, the Environment Agency is responsible for the implementation of the Luxembourg Government's environmental policy.


  • Responsibility: being aware of the impact of their work and contributing by completing the assigned tasks with care and integrity.
  • Team spirit and expertise: mobilising the individual and collective competencies of the Environment Agency's co-workers and adopting a participative approach with their partners and stakeholders.
  • Commitment: actively participating in the construction of an environmentally friendly society.
  • Service and respect: providing quality services to citizens, partners, stakeholders and the society in general, and also developing a careful relationship with their co-workers in their daily work.


The Environment Agency is a national reference protecting the environment and the quality of life of Man in their environment in a proactive manner.

It manages the environment in a sustainable fashion by adopting a scientific and integrated approach in agreement with all players concerned.

The Environment Agency is developing efficient management practices in order to provide the best possible service to citizens, business and all other players in the society.

It is a competent and reliable partner for the Luxembourg Government.

The Environment Agency is divided into units depending on the different tasks to be carried out.

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