Join the work and travel exchange programme

The work and travel exchange programme is a cultural exchange programme which allows young Luxembourgish citizens to discover one of the following countries:

Who is concerned

Young Luxembourg nationals between 18 and 30 years of age can apply for the work and travel programme.


In order to obtain a work and holiday visa, candidates have to:

  • hold a valid Luxembourg passport;
  • not be accompanied by dependent persons (e.g. children under the candidate's responsibility);
  • have sufficient financial means to support themselves during their stay in the country;
  • have sufficient financial means to purchase a return ticket;
  • not have participated in the programme previously.


Costs in relation with the visa application are to be expected:

  • 450 Australian dollars (approx. EUR 280) for Australia;
  • 245 New Zealand dollars (approx. EUR 144) for New Zealand;
  • EUR 86 for Taiwan;
  • from 150 dollars (approx. EUR 102) for Canada plus 100 dollars (approx. EUR 68) for the "open work permit".

How to proceed

Filing an application

Young persons who wish to join the programme can submit their application to the foreign institutions concerned:


The work and holiday visa entitles the young person to:

  • stay in the partner country for up to 12 months;
  • leave and enter the country without limitation for the duration of the validity of the visa;
  • travel accross the country and discover a new culture;
  • work for a determined period of time during the stay ("open work permit" required in Canada);
  • enrol in studies or an internship for a limited duration of time.

Supporting documents

Depending on the chosen destination, the candidate must either attach different supporting documents to their online application or submit these in person.

Certain destinations require the documents to be translated into English and into the language of the destination country.


Who to contact

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