Application for a visa for a stay outside of the European Union

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In view of the current situation, the Passport, Visa and Legalisation Office ( Bureau des Passeports, Visas et Légalisations - BPVL) has adapted the functioning of their services.

The entry and stay visa is an official document issued by the host country to prove the holder obtained proper authorisation to enter the country. Obtaining the visa also certifies payment for the right. The visa is issued as a stamp or vignette on the currently valid travel document.

Who is concerned

Any Luxembourg national, regardless of their age, may apply for a visa, if they:

  • hold a valid passport;
  • wish to stay in a foreign country outside the EU for which a visa is required.


Prior to their departure, the Luxembourg traveller must:

  • obtain information on the travel documents (passport visa, etc.) needed to enter the territory;
  • obtain information on any public health obligations (vaccines, medical certificates, etc.);
  • if possible, obtain a permit to exit the territory, duly legalised by the communal administration or the police station in the place of residence, in the case of minors travelling without their parents;
  • ensure adequate validity of each travel document for the duration of the planned stay.

Luxembourg citizens, regardless of their age, must possess a passport that is valid for six months beyond the start date of the trip for any movement outside the European Union. In addition, some countries only grant an entry visa to persons presenting a travel document with a minimum validity of six months to the expiry of the requested visa. Verification from the embassies of the destination countries is required.

How to proceed

In cases where an entry visa is required, the procedures for a visa application must be carried out:

It is therefore important to specify the length of the planned trip and the conditions with the travel agency for example.

The cost, delivery time and the duration of validity of the visa will vary depending on the laws of the host country.

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