Applying for a temporary traffic regulation order

For various public events—local festivities, street markets, open-air concerts, processions, races or similar sporting events, etc.—it may be necessary, for safety reasons, to close off certain streets, divert traffic and either prohibit or authorise parking for vehicles in specific areas.

These various measures require authorisation from the communal council, in the form of a temporary traffic regulation order.

Who is concerned

Any association or organiser of an event wishing to alter traffic routes for safety purposes.

How to proceed


Permit applications must be sent to the college of aldermen, well in advance of the last session of the communal council preceding the event.

The application must state the dates and times, streets and stretches for which a waiver or amendment of the normal traffic regulations is sought.

Special case: sporting competitions

For sporting competitions, with rankings or prize-giving ceremonies, organised on the public highway, authorisation must be sought from the Department of Mobility and Transport (Département de la mobilité et des transports) at the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works (Ministère de la Mobilité et des Travaux publics).

Authorisation for such events must be applied for by the sporting federations in question (foot races, cycling races, duathlons and triathlons, etc.). Car races are scheduled at the start of the season by the sporting commission of Automobile Club Luxembourg (ACL).

Specific forms are available to users on the respective websites of the Luxembourg Athletics Federation (Fédération luxembourgeoise d’athlétisme - FLA), the Luxembourg Triathlon Federation (Fédération luxembourgeoise de triathlon - FLTRI) and the Luxembourg Cycling Federation (Fédération du sport cycliste luxembourgeois - FSCL).

Safety regulations

Generally, the organiser must take any and all necessary measures to ensure order is maintained, prevent accidents and maintain safety both for the participants and for the public.

Any conditions associated with the authorisation must be rigorously observed.

Who to contact

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