Understanding food safety requirements for special events

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Non-professionals offering food during special events, such as local fairs, festivals and fêtes, must comply with a certain number of regulatory requirements.

Protection of food

Food must be protected from any handling by the public and from any external contamination.

Perishable foods must be kept refrigerated or frozen as follows:

Perishable foods

≤ +4°C

Pre-cooked food and dishes

≤ +4°C

Storage of frozen foods

≤ -18°C

Meat and meat products

0°C to +4°C

Fresh fish

0°C to +2°C

Food waste

Expired food items and food waste are to be discarded in waste bins.

The bins used are to be kept perfectly clean.

Equipment for outdoor points of sale

Food products displayed without packaging are to be protected from external contamination with transparent barriers above, to the left and right and in front of the products, facing the public.

Sales counters and stalls must be at least 70 cm above the ground and protected from direct sunlight, inclement weather and insects.

The ground on which outdoor stalls are to be installed must be perfectly clean.

Cooking equipment must be in good condition, spotless and easy to clean. Barbecue grills must be made of stainless steel.

Vendor and employee health

Persons who directly handle food must not be suffering from a gastrointestinal illness or skin infections.

Small wounds must be properly cared for and covered with an occlusive dressing.

Vendor and employee hygiene

Very strict personal hygiene is to be observed.

Clean protective apparel (aprons and head coverings) is to be worn by all staff. Staff are to refrain from smoking.

Toilets with sinks for the hygienic washing of hands must be made available for staff.

Authorised meat and fish products

At special events, the preparation of the following foods of animal origin is authorised:

  • Thuringer and Mettwurst sausages;
  • other meat preparations, such as spicy pork chops;
  • poultry, such as spicy chicken legs;
  • fish preparations, such as fried or grilled fish.
The use of products containing raw ground meat is prohibited:
  • minced meat;
  • foods containing ground meat, such as hamburgers, meat rolls, meatballs, etc.

Products made from precooked meat may be offered.

This restriction does not apply to food professionals and food businesses.

The aforementioned goods must be supplied by an approved butcher or an accredited establishment whose products carry the CE label. An invoice or delivery slip must be kept at the stall.

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