Applying for a permit to organise a public event, party or fireworks display

In Luxembourg, elected communal officials are responsible for ensuring the maintenance of good order in places where there are large gatherings of people, such as fairs, markets, festivals, public ceremonies, performances, games, drinking establishments, churches and other public places.

The law and order statutes specific to each commune specifically establish the events and other activities subject to authorisation. As a rule, the authorisation of the mayor is required by any person, association or club that wishes to organise, in the public space, games, contests, fireworks displays, light shows, performances, exhibitions or any other event that could jeopardize good public order.

Depending on the commune of residence, the authorisation of the mayor may also be necessary for fireworks displays on private properties.

Who is concerned

All organisers, associations and clubs are required to fulfil certain obligations if they wish to organise a party in the public space.

How to proceed

Each commune is responsible for defining the events that require a permit. It is therefore advisable to approach one's communal administration before organising an event, and apply for the required authorisations, depending on local requirements.

For the City of Luxembourg, permit applications may be submitted online. 

In addition, during public performances, attractions or shows, an entertainment tax must be paid by the organiser to the City of Luxembourg. Its amount depends on various factors, such as: type of event, opening hours and audience.

For further information on when such taxes must be paid, please refer to the statutes of your commune, or contact your communal administration directly.

Who to contact

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